Elite Dangerous VR gameplay – 60 fps [Large Pixel Collider]

We fire up Elite Dangerous on the HTC Vive with a full HOTAS setup on the LPC, our ludicrous gaming rig.

Full PC specs: http://www.pcgamer.com/lpc-video/


astromicwm says:

vr is working on sli/crossfire now???

Curious Wars says:

What version of the Titan X was this? Pascal or Maxwell? I’m about to buy some 1080tis if needed but if not I already have 980tis and that’s pretty much Titan X Maxwell.

darkness64 says:

Good thing the ridiculous does not kill !!!

Kehinde O says:

why the hate im loving this series. its an ugly computer though but I love handmade cases. However, holy shit dude put some pips to engine and shields when fighting eagles you are just getting circle strafed. you don’t need much power to weapons since they pop quickly.

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS says:

Nice equipment!

Isaac Hartley-Hall says:

the fuck are those poor excuses for headphones, he’s missing out on the best part of ED the sound design.

thewhitewolf says:

To anyone who plays Vr games like this, does this kind of game or other Vr games bother your neck after a while?

Vindicator Jones says:


william thompson says:

he is really good at this game

AnimeManiac4Life says:

The kind of game I would like to see to demonstrate the power of a rig like this one would be an MMORPG during a crazy siege battle with hundreds of players on screen spamming spells/skills while the graphics is at ultra settings, here I feel that all this power go wasted.

Victor F.V says:

Why can you hear the explosions and shots from the other ships?

Sean Brophy says:

The headtracking looks like it kicks ass. Super responsive.

Gentry Walker says:

2:36 Are you kidding me?

TheMightyQtip says:

No 1440p or 4K recording?

Zfast4y0u says:

so what is monitor working for? he could have turned it off.

William Melichar says:

What stick/throttle setup is he using here? i can’t seem to find any good ones.

Sigvard Johan Lohne Hjelmås says:

bad pilot, good demostration

xana452 says:

Dude, you’re in a Vulture. It takes a moron to be killed in one of those.

RKSNomad says:

definitely cringe to watch coming from a veteran fighter. but he understood the mechanics and that was smooth as butter.

SenorSchnitz says:

Specs are missleading because ED does not support SLI.

ThatUndeadLegacy says:

Damn what a beast of a rig.

Ricardo Sampaio says:

13000$ machine and 60fps in VR? my 900$ can do 90fps change that title

John Doe says:

Do the specs have to be there the whole time?!?!

Z3ROLABZ says:

All that horsepower and we get a 1080p video? :p

InkOnTube says:

I used to love this game so much… Such wasted potential…

Richard W says:

YOU KNOW You really F’ed up here, The best thing you could have done

1. go down land on a planet ???

2. Examine A Space Station….

3…. Have your friend and you show off your selves in high quality on stream instead of playing pit fighter.

You missed that….


Matt McP says:

looks a bit rough on my rig, I’m using titan x pascal and vive everything set to max apart from [HMD visual quality x1.0], runs fine but looks blurry and out of focus – anyone?

Dorraj says:

I play this game at 144Hz max settings easy… what’s so crazy about this being played at 60?

lextacy2008 says:

You sir have the hardware to run this game twice over omfg.

gabe tru says:

so why isnt it not in 4k ?

Emily Rivera says:

This game is a lot of fun in vr. But you really need to remember where the buttons are cause u cant see the keyboard lol

Ultimo D says:

No power to weapons?

EpicBubble says:

Lmao, that is some embarrassing pip management, even for mobius standards.

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