Destiny 2 | PC gameplay at 4k resolution, 60 FPS + impressions!

Destiny 2 – We FINALLY have some PC footage, and it looks amazing! This was captured on a GTX1080Ti running at max settings- 4k resolution, 60fps baby.

Oh, and my brother and I offered a few thoughts as well 🙂

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My monitor, courtesy of ViewSonic:


Joshua Harlick says:

Jesus it’s pretty. I’m not fused on 60fps and stuff. Ill quite happily play on Xbox One

Sphinx AU says:

Looks so crisp holy shit. Can’t wait for the beta. Love the videos! 🙂

Joshua Alvarado says:

this gameplay is giving me a headache, nvidia vid had it at 60fps, that is good enough for me

Stanley Johnson II says:

any mention of the PC release date?

Russell Kasem says:

I’m blown away that this is the medium preset for the graphics settings. I wonder what Ultra looks like.

Jonathan Parker says:

I didn’t really care too much about 60 FPS not being a feature on Xbox One, but now that I see it in action, I really fucking wish they could have done this. It looks gorgeous. How come they couldn’t even do this on the Xbox One X?! What the hell happened?

Roger Strunk says:

yeahhh an ps4 pro 30 fps wooo hooo thanks bungie oh and p2p gg guys had my hopes up still may get it depends on what news comes out before the game comes out .. but big let down


People are going to be very disappointed because youtubers, Bungie and Deej are hyping it up more than necessary. Enjoy. I played it and wasn’t impressed.

Automatik says:

I know Bungie and Microsoft left on bad terms, but to make Destimy 2 4k 30fps on Xb1X is a slap in the face when it can do this at 60fps easily.

Iam Powers says:

pvp pls

lemuel johnson says:

Wow, Looks so smooth

Michael Vinson says:

Such a shame we couldn’t get 60 FPS on the Xbox One X.


I think you should bring more your brother to your videos—really good duo!

TripleBlack AkaMrPHD says:

what about arcstrider

zMeul says:

I don’t get it
the gameplay doesn’t look anything special

ps: the PC delay is utter bullcrap and it’s all Actifuckers doing – is the game playable? yes
I didn’t see any hitches, glitches or anything of sorts – so why do they need other 6 weeks?!?!

Loaf says:

Where’s muh FOV slider?

Dawson Granger says:

Do guns have less recoil on PC? And how the gun is on the screen while hip firing looks different than on console.

KRYS007 says:

after watching this I don’t wanna play on console anymore

Demichael Galloway says:

Good work mate keep it up

Hyperion 235 says:


JZsweep says:

You and your bother were shown on camera during the Sony press conference.
Edit: Was about 30 minutes into the conference after the VR game The Impatient was shown.

Razorxx says:

Did you play with a controller or keyboard and mouse?
Edit: Just saw the keybinds menu, so keyboard it is.

Myelin Games says:

mmmm crisp!

Orelha 1 says:

Is PvP on PC available at E3?If yes, can people upload it?

Skill Up says:

***Important: It says Medium Settings, but these are actually maxed settings. This is a visual bug. The developers confirmed it was running on MAX settings***

Hey all- remember that if you don’t have a 4k monitor, you won’t be getting the full experience. Be sure to change the video to 4k resolution by clicking the little cog in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

There’s also a minor sound-sync issue at times, but it couldnt be avoided given I’m rendering from my laptop. Hope you enjoy the footage everyone! Will upload more when I’m back from E3 🙂

hue mchuehue says:


onebozo4u says:

I’m gonna pre-order it next week

cde11236 says:

I dont see shit

Bradley Stockstill says:

“4k60fps at all the highest settings” it literally showed the medium presets during the video that it was being played on. this was also confirmed to be the settings at the convention in LA.

Joshua Alvarado says:

I have seen unknown player footage and it looks normal, your footage seems to be going in ffw x2 for some reason

SirCreepsAlott says:

30fps in 2017 for consoles LOL XD

Th3Jez says:

3:49 sick nade bro

Portgas D. Ace says:

I’m guessing you wouldn’t happen to know the PC specs right?

Toy Tem Jayjake says:

To bad console doesn’t run in 60fps. I honestly would rather have 1080 60fps than 4K 30fps for consoles.

SirShizuka says:

“4k 60fps looks and feels incredible” Oh Reary? Does it so? I’v just spent a few hours playing at 4k 60fps and i would say it’s kinda standard… Obviously if your Point of reference is a ps3 running destiny at 600p 15 fps then i could understand that it might come as a shock XD.

AtomicBeal says:

You and Sam had a great aisle seat at the Sony Presser!

Ben Rhone says:

that fusion tho

kwesikum says:

You’ve come a long way. Good work with the content, clean and informative as always.

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