Destiny 2 – PC Gameplay 60 FPS 4k Resolution – Gorgeous.

Was invited to record some Destiny 2 game play at 4k resolution and it is absolutely gorgeous. I know not everyone has a PC that can handle ridiculous settings, but if you can, you’re in for a treat when the PC version launches. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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The United Wolves says:

Can you go live, UniBro?

Last Gamer says:

Looks good the only thing that bothers me is when ship fires missiles it only goes to titans shield. Maybe it should go all over the area so the shield can have a purpose.


swiftor your the best good game play your vids make me smile when I’m sad keep up good work dude your the best

Marshall Mathers says:

Destiny was one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Single player, every level was the exact same. Ai just gets stronger. Multiplayer was a joke. Worst game I’ve ever played. 2/10

Te'Shawn Bunker says:

Xbox one

Wild Yoda says:

yes warlocks for life

Mason Moeller says:

It looks like the exact same game as destiny 1

CGCentral HD says:

people are overhyping how this looks sure it looks nice but it’s nothing impressive

Hussein Rezk says:

I Am not a big destiny fan but I am hyped 4 cod ww2

dreemurr1999 says:

you have discord is there a way to join you on discord

Mitch P says:

Pretty much just away for to sell another 5 xpacs to the people they lost after destiny 1

SDS Eclipse says:

If speaker dies I’m crying

The Callahan's YouTube says:

Why do people just keep on posting the EXACT same thing? The views are only going to come to the people who posted it FIRST.

Cyanwolf001 Wolfie says:


RobotSnyper says:

That loot bomb at the beginning got me moist

UnTrainable Ninja says:

61st like , 33rd comment.

Playstation Gamer says:

omg destiny 2

Captian Falcon says:

Gonna be getting that on the good ol’ PS4

zip none says:

looks slick

Gaming Monster says:

Did u get any World at war 2? Gameplay

LeszyCzyli HeteroseksualneBóstwoLasu says:

Human eye can’t see more than 30fps console master race !!!11!

Chickenlover says:

What kind of capture card do you use?

Bryson Jones says:

swift is my mom

Maxx7536 / Damon says:

sup swifter

The Gaming Hook says:

1080p is just fine


Like if swiftor is the best youtuber ever


2,3 million subs an so little views. Where is all you views at man_

carl daniels says:

I like it we you talk come back

orbital ninja says:


Ugly 51 says:

Wait what dlc is this

Kota says:


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