Destiny 2: 60 FPS Gameplay – New Titan Striker Inverted Spire 60 Frames Per Second Upscaled Gameplay

Back with another Destiny 2 video and today I bring you this Destiny 2 Inverted Spire 60 fps gameplay footage! The footage has been upscaled using a program & it wasn’t an easy job! And this is the closest you will get to seeing 60fps gameplay until its released on PC later this year!!
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Ace Of Spades says:


Chupa Cabra says:

Idk y but 30fps looked better for me


Destiny two look so much fun

Diegoo Olinpiak says:


Lich King says:

Pc Master RACE

fluffy m8 says:

Looks the same but faster

kingdane17 says:

Great video bro! I’m looking forward to playing this game

Azzbo Ace says:

Yea thanks for the vid man nice to see 60fps, But i couldnt fuckin care less, im not gunna cry and throw my bottle over the fps, Going to enjoy the game/story for what it is, Go buy a PC thats capable of running it if you want 60fps, As for me im sticking with my xb one cant afford to be buying rigs just for one game, too big of a loss for me

Salty Memess says:

In my opinion bungie should just lower the resolution in order for there to be 60 fps on consoles. It’s so much better for competitive play and is easier on your eyes. Like if you agree!

Ben Rhone says:

i bet if he wouldve put up a 30fps video saying its 60 ppl will still say it looks better. i cant see a difference.

WJCKS-Gaming says:

ASUS VG8QE 1MS Response Time 144hz CHECK
Your move bungie

Michael Challis says:

Loving your vids man keep it up

ItsjustDano says:


ii SoyZ says:

Im so hypedddd

Quirinn Audibert says:

Can I get the code DPJ? Your videos are awesome!

Future USMC says:

I can’t wait

Alex Wallace says:


RussTheMaster says:

Aren’t all gaming platforms 60 fps now?

Centzonz says:

Should I get destiny 2?

LiL Distinct 07 says:

Will I win

magnus buus says:

WHY DOES EVERYONE CARE SO MUCH ABOUT GRAPHICS? I mean fair enough, i just dont get it, i see the diffrence. Its just so insignificant, Im so into ps4 and i Think its the same in the long run. (Feel free to disagree with me, this is my point)

Jas says:

I never even cared for 30 or 60 fps but holy after seeing this this is gorgeous, why bungie it’s 2017 what are you doing ?

Matthew Privat says:

why does ghost sound like shane dawson at 15:34

KingSpadey says:

when your mom catches you masturbating…

Colin Rogers says:

that looks fucking great at 60fps

GamerGnoll8 - says:

Do more of destiny 2 video these are good

SHΔDE Official says:

Protheon looks so badass, jeez

Night_ Owl180SX says:


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