Destiny 2: 4K PC 60 FPS Homecoming Gameplay First Look – On GeForce GTX!

Get a first look at Destiny 2 4K PC Homecoming gameplay footage, running at 60 FPS on GeForce GTX!

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Miguel Aparicio says:

I want to play Destiny 2 on PC AT 4K 60FPS!
#GameReady #E3
P.S. I have a GTX 750ti 2G and a GTX 1080ti would really help me a lot!!!

Joshua Minke says:

now this is how you play destiny

v jensennn says:

This game looks so SEXYYYY!!! I want to play it on my pc and my ps4 soooo baddd #GameReady #E3 … But heyyy that 1080 ti might help my experience playing it

squidmaster42 says:

Ive never played the first Destiny (I only own a PC currently).
#GameReady for Destiny 2 in glorious 60fps.
Havent played a Bungie game since Halo Reach, but Im definitely ready to jump straight back in.

EonHSD says:

Oh god.
This is a massive circlejerk.
Play your games on your fucking cum drenched keyboards if you want but stup telling everbody to do so.
Console Wars are Bad but THIS comment section. wow

Rhakish says:


Genjuro says:


#GameReady #E3

PCordovaBaya says:

#E3 #GameReady

Fuz says:

Is this idiot really playing a FPS on PC with a gamepad?

Saahil Rai says:

holyyyyy mother Of Destiny this is amazing #GameReady #E3

ZSuka says:

Looks nice but its look like a easy game, not challenging at all

Ivan Ivanov says:

yeah, that is exactly how people on PC play games… /sarcasm off

MrBeakey says:

I can’t wait to play Destiny 2!!! #GameReady

Cassius Henry says:

OMG I SWEAR I would sell every game I have to own this, if only I had enough to pre-order

lam Copperhead says:

no wonder they kept this quiet.compared to this, consoles dont come close.i had no idea it would look this amazing.

Daniel Lopez says:

I have a dream,a dream in which I play Destiny 2 with a GTX 1080ti and to rest I have my GeForce G-Assist 😀 #GameReady #E3

John Karnes says:

Now to just pick out what class I want to start Destiny 2 with, what video card is easy GeForce GTX #E3 #NVIDIA #GameReady

Kuerbis805 says:

#GameReady #E3

BEN ZEN says:

This #E3 showcase has me sooo #GameReady. This is the ultimate fantasy of my wildest dreams converted to reality!

Kelly McElree says:

Awesome.  Will get both the PS4 and PC.

Łukasz Wnęk says:

Can’t wait!

Frank Vasquez says:

i never played the first destiny, but i’m excited to try this

jack foley says:

im so excited to get my hands on this game #e3 #Gameready

marc chatroux says:

Pity, I haven’t 4K monitor for contemplate this gameplay. #GameReady

Nagaraj Veer says:

Hopefully, it’ll be great. Looking forward to playing it on PC.

BlkMgkNitez says:

I’m going to lose my fucking life to this shit. Amazying.

Atle Endrestøl says:

Destiny could be my stripper name. #GamerReady #E3

kieran govender says:

Hoping Destiny two supports vulcan #Gameready #E3

Ardor Anon says:

Hoping for that GeForce GTX 1080 Ti upgrade! #Gameready #E3

Kubek _ says:

#GameReady #E3

Shifted says:

Nvidia, this is embarassing.
Could learn a thing from the pre-release doom gameplays and record someone who knows how to play a shooter on PC.

BaylissLad says:

YUMMY #GameReady #E3

Neofytos Galanos says:

2 bad anthem looks much better

Andrei Stanciu says:

I Luv Destiny 2 #GameReady #E3

BXDGames says:

Nossa Meu Sonho 😀 Uma Placa de Video Otima e Um Jogo Fantastico 😀 Pena Que Só Tenho Sonhos Dormindo 🙁

PCordovaBaya says:

Finally 4 PC!!!! #E3 #GameReady

Jake AKA Eggin says:

I am excited for this game

Justin King says:

Oh shit…

faulknerjack650 says:

got waaaay too many hours on destiny 1 #GameReady #E3

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