Destiny 2: 4K, 60 FPS PC Gameplay – Homecoming Story Mission

I’m late, but here’s my gameplay of Homecoming on PC: 4K resolution in 60 FPS. This is pure gameplay, no commentary. Thoughts maybe later, along with options menu.

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EliteEpicGamerz says:

like i said on others vids, 30 fps isnt a deal breaker but man am i jealous on how good this looks

G3ms4 says:

5:04 oh no…. Sidearms are primaries xD

Roman Williams says:

Its sad to think that datto probably wont main this on PC because he probably needs to review exclusive content on PS4 for the channel. Then again he could just wait for it to come to all platforms but that almost took a whole year last time. Sony is such a shit company.

smokingbat says:

60 fps= slight speed boost to everything

OfficialHoneZtAbe says:


Thickness says:

So are you starting the game with a full legendary loadout?

Matt Hughes says:

“stay inside my shield!”
*steps outside shield and dies…

Astromegaclaw 30 says:

can’t wait

Anthony Sanders says:

It doesn’t look right to me

A Child Amongst Men says:

Anyone else a little scared that sidearms aren’t power weapons?

Xbox One says:

I like Gary’s voice actor

jmporter00 says:

So good looking!

Laurent Garcia says:

Came to this vid cuz the IGN version gave me cancer

MeKz RaId says:


X Drone says:

What is the difference between a fusion rifle and a linear fusion rifle?

Heckerman v2 says:


Jesse Davis says:

I don’t really care. Honestly my favorite thing about Destiny is how it feels as a shooter on a controller.
Clearly Bungie used everything they learned with Halo towards Destiny.
A mouse is gonna change all that. Personally for me I’d play with a controller on PC anyway. So 60fps doesn’t even bother me. Literally got hundreds of games at that frame rate.
And as far as PS goes. Don’t care about preorder DLC either. Destiny is full of stuff. I doubt anything I get in the first few months will stay with me on into Destiny 2’s life span.

I’m staying on Xbox.

Campers15 says:

ummmmm what!? droid whistle protocol fixed? It’s a good day to be alive!

Blueschy says:

yeah I’m sticking with PlayStation.

Three G's says:

glad to hear our character talking to Zavala instead of our ghost.

Introvert says:

How many L’s consoles gonna take this year?

Stefan Alexandru says:

Screw u bro , why u play i don’t? who u are beside of me? fuck this

Paul Raider says:

This looks very fluid compared to the ps4 gameplay… did not notice until I saw them compared to myself.

Checometer says:

“Missiles! Stay inside my shield!”
*Walks out of shield and dies instantaneously*
Damn, what a rebel.

Traeth Destiny Videos says:

So are our guardians still mute?

SupaDaven says:

god damn why cant the scorpio be 60fps? ive been told it would be cheating to go against 30 fps players but isnt that how it works with computers??? I can take my cheap setup and go against someones monster setup on the pc and thts not cheating…

smokingbat says:

does anyone else feel weird when the pulse rifle is used at 60 fps?

Huw Madoc says:

Impressive detail. Even Cayde’s nutsack was swinging when he strutted in at the start!

Blither Aardvark says:

Have a pc and xbox debating on geting pc version

Natasa _ says:

Ok, lets summarize, PS4 will be 1080p/30fps with exclusive content, PS4pro will be 4k/30fps with exclusive content, xbox one will be 1080p/30fps and no exclusives, xbox x so far only 1080p/30fps (Luke Smith said they are talking about maybe trying to update the xbone x for 4k but they are not promising anything and there is no date for that) and no exclusives, pc is getting uncapped frame rate and full 4k support but a 2 month later release date and no exclusive content. So, who got screwed the most? Xbox or PC? If they really wanted to expand the community this is not the way to do it. To be honest,if it the raid and other end game content gets released to the public within the first month of the release of the game, PC version will be DOA, and if they don’t at least do 4k30fps for Xbox x, why even play it on that console.

ButterFingah says:

I don’t really understand why people are upset about the FPS situation. I don’t really care about it but I guess it’s just preference. (I play on Xbox One)

DyNaMo 909 says:

Console gameplay will forever be ruined…

OTCRock4one says:

Which Character is everyone starting out with in Destiny 2?

Thomas Dennis says:

I just jizzed

Josef Oost says:

thnis loooks aaammaazing im so glad im on pc, PCMR

Ben Laser says:

im gonna be honest: i kinda like the look of Destiny in 30 fps better

ZombrainZzZ says:

Why are the cutscenes rendered at 1080p 30fps?

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