CEMU – Zelda: Breath of the Wild 4k 60 fps gameplay on PC! 60 fps pack now public!

Xalphenos’s 60fps pack is finally released!
Download link: https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/6ye7oi/dynamic_speed_for_all/

4k60fps for best quality

Running the 4k, high res shadows, modified contrast and bloom packs.

PC specs in the channels about section

Using cemu emulator

Music by Whitesand – Beyond


Francisco J. González H. says:

It’s an interesting hack, but not really usable, for example stamina regenerates way too fast so it’s a form of accidental cheating. It’s a 30fps game, I can run it at 5K on my 1080Ti with ~60% GPU usage, that’s more than enough for me

Daniel Raske says:

How the hack is that possible?! Got an 8700K with MSI 1080Ti and 16 GB Ram. Did nearly everything possible to have a fluently and smooth gameplay (Updates, Shader cashes, Cheat Engine, etc) but I have still hge FPS Drops on my system at WQHD. Even more while using 4k resolution…why? 🙁

Pokechu says:

Ty bro

Slimmer Elk says:

They can do all this, but they can’t fix GTA iv

DiuMiss says:

where i have to put that files?

Loli Hunter です says:

You clearly don’t know what ‘cinematic’ means.
It’s supposed to be 24fps. Nothing more

Internet Police says:

My specs:

i5 6500 3.20Ghz
GTX 1060 6GB

i just want to play this at 1080p and 60fps is it possible?

Rob Dunhill says:

I bet your pc flys at 5.2 I have a ryzen 1700x at 4.2 55 fps is mine and I have the 980ti graphics card. I wish I had gone for the i5 7600k or the i7

enaz2 says:

I am just happy my i5 2500k can do a stable 30fps now.

Babybird Oligodendrocyte says:

downvoted for clickbait title. cinematic aint 60 fps newb, go write an article for gawker you fuck

TheHrebo says:

micro stutter when link is running is making me puke my head hurts from that 😀 cant see that problem here but i have it and its bad 😀

richardhalo says:

60 fps my ass. It constantly fluctuates from 60 to lower.

Nebel gaming says:

Song ?? 10:00 ??

Medachod says:

Basically, this is how it would look on the Switch if it was built from the ground up, minus the 4K. Would be 1080p/60fps for sure.

Hehe XD says:

Holy fuck! 5.2 Ghz the dream 🙁

887strakk says:

I know nothing about PCs. I have and Intel Pentium G4400 3.30 GHz and 8 GB RAM. I just want 60fps, I would settle for 720p60fps even. Can I run this?

BJP9109 says:

What are your specs? I have a 7700k @ 5ghz 1.425 volts and get similar performance.

GameRoof says:

3:00-3:20 was so beautiful I shed a tear

Silas ofNj says:

hehe, you’re a tool. 😛

Brunn0121 says:

what is this 60 fps bullshit? you said cinematic, where’s the 24 fps?

ZyanHD says:

No real noticeable difference.
Says 60FPS on Cemu border but once in the game it drops to 18-24fps in Village, 18- 28 in the open fields and 50+ in Shrines. When I use Cheat Engine I get the same performance. The 4k pack says (out of date) and, doesn’t work.

i7 3.2ghz (OC)
GTX970 SSC 4gb (factory OC)
16gb DDR3

companymen42 says:

Nintendo’s not going to like this. They are notorious for shutting down stuff like this and suing everyone they can. That being said, I hope they don’t hear about this for 896 years.

Jason Parks says:

intel i5 6600k 3.50 GHz cpu
16gb 3200 DDR4 RAM
gtx 1070 founders ed. gpu

If i get this emulator set up and get a shader cache, how will my fps look? If i cant hit 30 then i wont bother.

Sam B says:

My Specs:
*Wii U*

Will it run this?

Mitsurugi2424 says:

1:00 Death Mountain lava glitches. 1/10 garbage. would not play

Slexer says:

What are your PC specs?

beretta9m2f says:

does this get a solid 60fps at 1440p and the same graphics card?

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