Call of Duty WW2 – War Mode Gameplay (PS4 PRO 1080p 60 fps Beta)

New War Mode on Call of Duty WW2 Beta. Thoughts?
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato HD60

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

If you got this far. You are AWESOME!


Jarren Fisher says:

“You cheeky bugger.”

Sp1d3rman says:

This game is just shit compared to bf1, the graphics look as bad as the other cods, i expected something better than this…

Aldin Vejzovic says:

Yeah, nah gonna stick with bf1 for my world war shooter. This doesnt look to good

Eduardo Alvarado says:

Noooo broken this game noooo!!!


uninspired by everything not even fun to watch just seen a triple kill and it was meh

Nesip Nalcıoğlu says:

This mode looks like very action based and exciting, however game looks old, especially the player move animations.

Tom4349 says:

Thanks for the vid!
Looks like more regurgitated “weapon balanced” garbage to me, I’ll pass.

lynx1415 says:

that evil laugh tho 5:44

Snailboy says:

I hate these people in the comments who are like “ewww these graphics look horrible” “BF1 has wayyyy better graphics than this” at the end of the day graphics do not make great games it’s the gameplay and the memories you make in them. Look at wii sports for example the graphics look like the N64 graphics but at a slightly more higher resolution but it’s still a great game. Look at CS:GO the graphics aren’t exactly amazing but it’s still a great game. So stop trying to compare games by graphics and compare it by talking about the gameplay and the memories that you’ve had playing those games that you play.

Tyler G says:

Broken, Please just do not COD

Bill-Tremendous says:

reload animations are shit x) you can put 10 bullets trough the scope -_-

Tyler Hulan says:

Anybody else notice that he loaded 8 rounds from a 5 round stripper clip on a scopes rifle not capable of taking stripper clips? Little details like that make or break a game for me

dizzy Hubbard says:

After playing domination on Amiens, this game felt like a free to play.Didn’t feel immersed in a ww2 setting.Audio is terrible.Yep think we’ve been spoiled with bf1.

Sham F says:

This game looks shit infront of bf1

Ostone says:

Played beta,i expect fun game like it was some older cods.
But no for me beta was awfull.
Only this mode and map were OK

curiousgeorgieo says:

What a bunch of cheekybuggers

an iconic frog says:

what a loada shit

viajeroastral astral says:

my eyes hurts after this, is it from ps3?

Metrack says:

The best thing about this cod?.. that sweet sweet sound that the M1 Garand does when you reload it is back

Andrew Benstead says:

This is the masterbeta of call of duty

AngryRooster22 says:

This game is garbage

Sean O. says:

-How does a 5 rnd stripper clip magically load 10 rnds? Realism details cod loves to omit that all add to a lack of genuine feel.
-shitty gun sounds
-shitty gun optics
-same bullshit recycled game play with no new feel or depth

This game is basically a rushed, polished, overhyped version of WAW…

Shame on you cod.

VIVIVI Moon21 says:

Awesome, come back with Call of Duty! 😉 thank you.

natha jyoti says:

the new bf1 dlc more interesting than this cod ww2.

Ted Yu says:

Please keep playing bf1, don’t move to cod.

Mewhat Noww says:

Looks like sniper elite

luis motaban brito says:

Que mierda de juego

hasan dabak says:

Cod is like star wars anime version lol that guns sounds is really shit

Flashboxingtv #MPDKSAB says:

Keep doing ww2 vids bro

Mike Khlebas says:

The graphic Looks like the game from 2005-2007

Sqazery gaming says:

Waaaaaaaaaaa no shoot noob hahahahaha

Mohamed Hasan says:

Actually … Its bad 😀

Delirious _factor says:

This game mode reminds me of battlefield gameplay

Marcin Szeinwald says:

5:13 is that Polish semi automatic rifle wz.38M or Czechoslovak ZH-29 ?

Gonex Roguex says:

the copying process of bf 1 is 70% ….or more ????

xJayCue says:

“That’s me on the right down there, the chill guy. The guy who just doesn’t really care.”

Ciaran McCabe says:

It wasn’t the best COD I played although this BETA was more enjoyable for me than any jet pack COD’s. . . They will fix all the issues with this game by its full release and when they do I will love it! Nobody seems to be talking about the winning killcams they are always great! Other than the last 3 CODS the winning killcams suck! Especially in IW!

Tom says:

game looks quite fun, but let’s be real, the graphics are like something from 5-6 years ago, maybe more. Compare this with bf1, which is a year old, and it’s like comparing a turd to a fabergé egg

James Madison says:

Level 99 @ Battlefield 1, & I can say WW2 is a better game than Battlefield

Dusek Levay says:

This is shit game…bat1 is best

Kristjan Prodan says:

I will maybe buy that game if will it be good when full games come out. I really hope next bf game will be ww2.

Death Sentence says:

Looks great to me all u gamers now and days cry over the simpliest thing you begged for a boots on ground so here u go this what u got . I like the fact they went fast past you just may not get to camp which is great

Mr_Marsh _Mallow says:

Bit dissapointed in this. I was hyped but from what i’ve seen, i don’t really like it. The graphics are not the best. BF1 looks so much better and the gameplay is more enjoyable. Maybe they can improve. I’ll give it a second chance

Viktor Jonsson says:

Let me tell you a story: I buyed bf1, I shot a guy 5 times in the back nothing happend so I deleted the game and buyed cod

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