Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout – 4K 60+FPS Ultra Gameplay on GeForce RTX 2080 Ti!

Check out our Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout PC gameplay captured in 4K at Ultra settings on a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti!

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Antonello Salvatore says:

Il motore di Cod gira pure sulle calcolatrici scientifiche della Casio!

Dean Medcalf says:

lol wow talk about basic visuals

akatatemp says:

My treacherous internet connection played this video in 360p.

Oskar Josephson says:

So smoooth

Pugo says:

boy only if i could actually afford a 2080ti

I am Good says:

I don’t know why people are mad I don’t have any GPU so for me it would be more then enough if I can run this game 🙁

frostybe3r says:

Lol, 60FPS.

Keepo says:

First year in a long time where call of duty has looked fun to me.

Grah- Frr says:

Hmm…the game is good but seen some FPS drop in some places. I like it Ray tracing is also good

Lukasz Broda says:

Who wants to buy my kidney, needs some money for 2080ti

Ivan Khersonsky says:

это же DirectX9, да?

DevilChowder says:

*stares at the puddles and water intensely*

Silent Market says:

Superbad graphics?

karma tam says:

I need my small monitor back
This big ass 4k tv burn my eye with in minutes

mcmcdo says:

I wish I have this game :/

Alls hymerz says:


Kerim Gencol says:

Very cool details. I like the shadows and effects. 4k is beautiful. Cool game too.

beachboy boobybuilder says:

Shit graphics. Disappointing game.

Gamen4Bros says:

Wheres the “amazing” rtx graphics?

areczek1987 says:

Nice 8)

Oğuz GÖNÜL says:

Why rtx does not look diffrent ?

Blaise Binu says:

When ll I get my RTX NVIDIA..?

TheBvtcheR says:

buy RTX 2080TI to play STUPID GAME

Kuky says:

Haha nad my 960 can’t get more than 60 on 1080p lol

Kisama Senin says:

1400€ for play at this shit, nice

Justin0018 P says:

Gosh, the map nostalgia

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