Black Squad: First Look Gameplay Review (Free to Play FPS)

Black Squad is a free to play military first person shooter, and this is my first look gameplay!

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Black Squad Steam:

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Tommy Nguyen says:

I’m having an issue right now and hopefully someone can help me out. I currently have 6.3 hours of playtime for black squad and yet I have not received any rewards for the 2/4/6/8/10 hour playtime. Will I automatically get my rewards after the weekly event is over or is this some sort of bug?

Tempted Lee says:

Good game played a lot, like Line of Sight

Nikita Tryputsen says:

I want more black squod gameplay like at least #700

discoman 3500 says:

i had play to game

RainbowStaple says:

Looks like a fun game , over 1.5k hours in csgo Ill try it out, hopefully its faster paced and is as fun as it looks.

Treys Letterbomb says:

How do you get this little recoil ? I guess I have a bug with my version of the game : For example, when I play with the type 95, even if I “tap tap” instead of spraying bullets, after 3 bullets I shoot in the sky 😮
And when I see you playing with the type 95, you don’t have any recoil… That’s weird, and the game does this only with me, I have a friend who plays black squad too and he doesn’t have any recoil too.

Reborn666skull says:

This really looks like warface to me.

Yarbou Djafar says:

You using hack recoil sham on you

vianv gaming says:

how do you record game on full HD result….i recorded with OBS but there is some issue when i play game with recording the game is lagging what i have to do?

Invictus -Agario says:

can u please text me step by step how u fix that weapon its really nice dude

Lavos says:

Black shit

Mr. Hejtovič says:

Finally F2P not P2W FPS with very nice optimalisation!So i can run this game on my slow potato!Good graphics and awesome rank-up rewards!!Very much maps,guns and more!Oh i love this game LMAO!!

TENTA says:

The original version of this game has way more content,maps and guns keep waiting for them updates guys~

Roma invicta says:

I love this game so fun

jordan virk says:

@2:12 “Shot in the back by a camper”

Was camping in a corner 5 seconds prior…Double standards dude :/

Bastiaan Woldendorp says:

Nice vid dude! You got a new sub 🙂

iFuturezz says:

I just installed this game about 2 hours ago & I’m already addicted

Lemon says:

i have a problem i click play and it loads for like 10 seconds and then the game just disappears

ZPRO Orhan says:

bi yarrak anladıysam beni sikin

Factor winter says:

유탄이 왜 안달려잇지

Ali Afandi says:

im pro black squad from indonesian, seting macro quick change setting q

xXZILETXx says:

This is reskin of shity game Crossfire.

Andy Santian says:

you can shot the crate or using any type of explosive

Freddie Knuckles says:

luv Black Squad , Cherish Black Squad

Abotamza Taha says:

this map is ecxactly like hangar 2 in warface

DEaD[-_×]RiSE says:

im good

(͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)BecauseICan( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) says:

I love how Youtube thinks this video is about Squad.

trollnex says:

soy de uruguay

Nikita Tryputsen says:

It’s like csgo

That One Kid says:

me on COD:20 kills
me on Black Squad:6 or 7 kills

FrezHD says:

I recently got into pc gaming. Do you guys have any suggestions to get more fluid/better at like moving around and aiming?

Thiesenrocks says:

How do I make Black Squad Faster for OBS? Please help!

Mythical Gamer says:

Dude, I have this game btw, it is early access so it will have more maps, guns and gamemodes, just give it a bit more time!

Capt. Bacon says:

I love this game, but jesus christ am I horrible at it lol

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