Battlefield 5 – DXR Ray Tracing 60 fps Gameplay @1440p NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti [sponsored]

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This video shows Battlefield 5 running with ray tracing activated according to NVIDIA’s recommendations, which are: 1440p, DXR set to low, rest of the settings are maxed out. Basically you get a smooth 60 fps gameplay with rare drops below that. For this test I disabled vsync.
Grafikvergleich & Analyse von Raytracing in Battlefield 5 auf dem PC.

Music: Battlefield 5 OST
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System used in this video:
ONE Gaming PC
Hier kaufen:
AMD Ryzen 2700X 8×3.70 GHz 32 GB DDR4 3200 RAM
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Palit GamingPro OC
ASUS TUF X470-PLUS Gaming Mainboard 1 TB
Samsung 970 Evo M.2 PCI SSD
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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jirik ptacek says:

Ps4 vs Ps4 pro please 🙂

VicMan says:

Anuncio las nuevas y revolucionarias técnicas RTX por hardware en nuestras gráficas.
Que para hacerlas funcionar correctamente transformamos nuestra gama alta 2080 Ti en gama de ENTRADA, para que dichas técnicas funcionen.
(2080 y 2070) directamente desaconsejamos su uso en RTX aunque no lo digamos públicamente.

Que os follen Nvidia, larga vida a la 1080 Ti!!!!!!!!!!

The Escanner says:

Que mamadas, sólo agregan unos reflejos que ni te das cuenta que existen cuando estas jugando

Roy CPP says:

Getting the best graphics in gaming industry I guess.

Soda_84 says:

too much $$$ for some extra reflections

Rita Betancor says:

para mi es una mierda

Dejan Lazic says:

Give that Pc!!!!

Dah knee says:

Can you do a console comparison please.

Rising Cookie says:

The screen tearing quite noticeable. That said, thank you for the upload.

DraKulis Cinematic Gaming says:

ray tracing is a hoax atm ,, 2080 ti barely holding 60fps is fuckin pathetic

chic ken says:

It seems like the people who bought this card are searching for a puddle or a window to justify their perches and its not worth it
Nvidia should have foucased on shading and shdows instead of Ray tracing that can barely be noticeable

björn sjöblom says:

looks awesome:)getting the same card in less then 2 days:)have waited for msi trio sence 20 august but couldnt wait no more-.-

Gaston Exequiel Garcia says:

No vale la pena lo que sale por solo esos reflejos

Gaston Exequiel Garcia says:

Siento que no es necesario, se pierden fps y no es una función que sea woaaaaaa

Kain The Troll Reaver says:

Can ony get around 60fps (with drops below) when it’s set to low.

MateoDeBonis says:

RayTracing Technology = Amazing
RTX 2080Ti for Games on 2018-2019 = Not Worth at all
RayTracing video cards for 2020 and beyond = Yup, i’m in.

Recordist says:

Im impressed that it even runs 60fps at times. In the past, even minimal ray tracing would drop fps to 1-5, people underestimate how massive an achievement this is.

That being said, I am in no way about to drop $1200 on it.

Nadach 2015 says:

PS5 graphics

ema93a says:

I noticed some screen tearing on Devastation map

Miro says:

Rdr2 looks better

Nirwana says:

Great video!

Mortal Kombat says:

Чет эта…на 60 fps не похоже нихера…она лететь должна

Trash Compactor says:

60% frame loss just to make puddles shinier. Bravo, NVIDIA. You’ve done it again.


Maybe 2080ti sli can do the trick for 4k ultra 60 fps and DXR fully activated

Kain The Troll Reaver says:


 UHD Gaming PC  <----< ignore this PS fanboy he don't know anything

Elitist Prince Dizzy says:

not worth the money…

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