Battlefield 1 Xbox One X Multiplayer Gameplay (60 fps)

Battlefield 1 Xbox One X Multiplayer Gameplay! =O
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato HD60
►Thumbnail Image by:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

If you got this far. You are AWESOME!


NTZombieSlayer 204 says:

Plays at “4k” renders video in 1080p

Mohamed M says:

“i dont think we r going this way anytime soon ” lol

Crazy Limper says:

This is better than pc.

KeepinItDank says:

2:57 team mate representing

JP W says:

My ONE X should be delivered by Friday. This video made me even more anxious now! Great job btw

Mozz Jones says:

Still looks much better on PC when maxed out! But this is a huge improvement over Xbox One for damn sure! Is it a solid 60fps? Either way, It’s still an achievement to get there! The console has come along way with this thing. But I’m not getting one cause I don’t play on my Xbox One much anyway. PC gamer all the way! Consoles being a social thing doesn’t bother me, I hate split screen lol My social playing is done online like most of us do.

Clinton Davis says:

Looks exactly the same to me as it was on Xbox One S and PS4

OpAdrian 22 says:

Pretty Dank.Well done Xbox X 🙂

Love from an PlayStation fan.

Disaster646 says:

The game doesn’t even have an Xbox one x patch yet, that’s just the same shitty normal Xbox game supercharged

TheHypixel YT says:

Swastika at 2:59

s7 show A-Z says:

God damm i wish i could play with you sometimes

MrCalvous says:

When your eyes are used to xbox1 then going to the x everything will look better, cuass the 1 is crap

箱一動画 says:

great xboxo nex

MidnightChild says:

wow it’s looks awesome !
damn this in 4k gonna be exciting to play

Rob Williamson says:

looks no different to the pro

Kristin Brindza says:

Are you using a controller or mouse

SaLtyN00b says:

Good hit registration good graphics good fps sure play pc lol

zkl1995 says:

Looks the same to me… not worth $500

Bumpyburrito says:

2:58 were swatzicas ever used on the German army in WWI?

Hugo Azevedo says:

Game hasn’t been updated yet so it’s running at 1920×1080.

World of Dreams says:

This is a lie… this is not on the enhanced list and I have played it and it looks the same. The only thing EA had done in recent months was an HDR patch.

vantechworld says:

can you please do a comparison between one x and ps4 pro I am on the fence right now, I only play BF1 and i have the old xbox.

james romero says:

I wanna play like you whe I grow up .. haha!

Tonmoy Bhuiya says:

Machine, does hit registration have anything to do with the console? I thought it was a matter of good Internet connection..

TheHypixel YT says:

After 4K everything ( recording, streaming etc) and the best processor, any more updated consoles is just o er kill.

leonardo moura batista says:

You are using controller of Xbox ?

Omnix Empire says:

Warning guys bf1 doesn’t support 4k ultra hd hdr only games that show in the Xbox store HDR Gaming like assassins creed origins etc

Tank Dempsey says:

This gameplay made me fully erect

selimtyger says:

Shame on optimization for ps4 and xone
Unplayable on 64 maps

Nolan Gleason says:

where are boxing games? Where’s college football?

TheBrokenMachine says:

(Video is still processing, will look better shortly) – Will record in 4k when my new Elgato arrives. Not out until the 21st. Tweet ElgatoGaming this vid =P Mega upload day, missed my Turning Tides DLC or Xbox One X unboxing? Links below. Hope you enjoy!

Kevin Rosenberg says:

Looks same as my ps4 pro

Charlie Brown says:

2:58 why is he wearing a nazi patch on his side

taff_G1 says:

Good player dude i got an X not tried BF1 Con it yet.

berton tyler says:

you have some skills 🙂

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