Battlefield 1: Winter Medic – Tsar DLC (4K 60 FPS PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay)

BEST GUN IN THE GAME? Like if you’re a MACHINE 👍
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato 4K60Pro
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

If you got this far. You are AWESOME!


Baki Erden says:

U shdnt play med bro ..

IIIOII [3O2] says:

Fookin horse murder m8.

rocoto85 says:

the hold on dude


Bro how can you handle 100% sensitivity with a controler its like impossible

John Simons says:

Nice video, as always, B! #Liked

iLsDy Gaming says:

Hold on hold on

Junaid says:

you have Bruce lee -like timing dude

MaD DoG says:

Can u make updated game setings quide for pc pls

Samiyul Islam says:

I’ve been figuring out this for a while, do you use aim assist. Just curious. Keep up the great content broken and i hope you reach 300k.

Euan Orr says:

How can this be 4k on ps4 pro? Surely its just HDR no? I have a 4k Tv and the xbox one s and it only lets me play with HDR, can anyone explain this?

Led Bomb says:

Follow my channel for squirrel vids and crappy production vlogs

craig pohlman says:

how does one join his platoon??

Cameltoetem says:

Favorite guns :
M1907 trench ( beats auto. and avtomat fedora for cqc imo)
Liu and 1906 for medium-low.
Other than that huot, ribeyrolles and m. 95

Latrell Spencer says:

Best guns imo
Assault: Automatico storm,
Hellriegel , and model 10
A hunter
Medic: Autoloading .35 factory
and Marksman, Rsc 1917,
and Selbstlader 1906.
Support : Bar storm and
Scout; Smle , Martini Henry and lebel

AdManToronto says:

I disabled my lean function because I would find myself leaning when I didn’t want to and it got me killed too many times…

Sam Ward says:

Take a shot every time he says hold on

Nick Frank says:

“I need to find a bush”. TheBrokenMachine 2017. XD

Nathan Drake says:

Broken should I use war bonds on this selb

SpiderPig- GW says:

RESPECT! You’re the best player I’ve ever seen.

SE9 says:

Anyone else feels like shit after they kill a horse in BF1?

Latrell Spencer says:

Use the Autoloading marksman stop using the nooby selbstlader 1916.

Darthkiller74 Gooo says:

You are so good !!
Can i ask you wich controller did you use and how is the set-up of it..? 😉

Lyle tusz says:

I love that gun so much. Good video TBM, keep it up dude.

Richmond Tigers fan says:

Are u Jesus?

Riccardo Dormino says:

7:40 what the hell was that animation while you were running


nice 😀

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