Battlefield 1: No Second Chances (4K 60 FPS PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay)

One Final Attack. Like if you’re a MACHINE 👍
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato 4K60Pro
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

If you got this far. You are AWESOME!


leigh cannon says:

I have never played operations in BF. Don’t even know the rules! Will give it a go!

rico rundatta says:

your controller settings have made it so much more enjoyable and comfortable, thanks mate

Mikers Dukebay says:

It would be funny if you tebag bed the guy you killed

Jake Thedog says:

Can you tell your controller’s binding?

Aaron Bourne says:

Damn that t-bag tho, yikes

Teddy Keller says:

How do you keep the recoil so low on the Hellreigel, or any fully auto for that matter?

x NotHamez x says:

T-bagging with the federov…oh neil.

PS: Great vid man, your videos have definitely helped me improve in BF1, get a positive KD ever game 😀

TheBigDaddy777 says:

Great vid broken!

Bakir says:

how about making a new series? 😀
we give u load out and u try it??

Byte says:

Sounds like you need to play on the Aussie servers Machine

Siva says:

Is your name a mystery to your fans or am I the only one who don’t know that? Pls tell me dude

Unstoppable Jordan says:


Daniel C says:

Tea-baggin the machine.. How rude ehh

TheBrokenMachine says:

Still a bit ill here xD! Hope you guys are all good =) new update for CTE is live right now =)

Chris Poliz says:


h66777ify says:


Mario Srdarev says:

Machine is THE Beast !!!!!!!!!!

Cyber_JokerWTF says:

How you doing today broken?

Carlon Baynes says:

Will you do a rush gameplay broken

TheLastOf Kratos says:

Broken, you should join the military

Kyler Newton says:

Face cam?

Stephen Lillystone says:

What settings do u use as I play cod brilliantly but cant adjust to battlefield every time I go on am on ps4 pro

El-Amfir BEK says:

Keep it up you cheeky buggah =D

its cris says:

ur a god at this game i love watching you play!

Unstoppable Jordan says:

I got 41 kills with a shotgun 🙂 =)

Dorian Chudy says:

I have a good feeling inside of me when i see a new video 🙂 Keep up the good work Broken !!!

Karar Al-Iraqi says:

Even u ill
Still beast m8

Teddy Cruz says:

Situational awareness at its finest. Liked and subbed:)

AMG potato says:

You ill? That sucks
hope you feel better soon B

sduke39 says:

I love the tough games. Your dialog during tough games is really educational.

NukaMoto says:

Hey Broken, Could you do a knife only game? equip the knife and run around flanking people, trying to survive.
Been doing that lately and its a lot of fun 🙂 would make a great video

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