Battlefield 1: NEW Shock Operations and Silenced Sniper! (60 fps Multiplayer Gameplay)

NEW SHOCK OPERATIONS coming to Battlefield 1! 👍 Please LIKE & SHARE if you’re a Beast!
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato HD60

Image used in Thumbnail created by shadowsix

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

If you got this far. You are AWESOME!


PaperMagnet 123 says:

When do all the weapons release ?

slay 46 says:

u only got 60fps with gtx1080ti broken???

TheBrokenMachine says:

that sniper tho =O

Joost 420 says:

All my weapons ars gone can someone help me please

Csaba says:

why do you take the bayonet off?

Tr|cks says:

Next vid let’s just look at all the pretty skins, screw gameplay 🙂

Dirt Turd says:

The quickscopes

Huân Huỳnh Ngọc Gia says:

feel like you kill last man of your team 😀

Angel Albornoz Guillen says:

God, you’re a barbarian, you’re a killing machine, I’d like to see you play with @iMadafaca


10/10 as always

Παναγιώτης Πανίδης says:

They put airplanes here too? Ok goodbye!

Michael Buddy says:

Rip flakfire

Robert Olivier says:

Really like this new mode, might be a hit. But that MP18 skin? It’s yellow Machine, not gold = cheapskate. Please make it gold Dice.

Paulo temido Júnior O destruidor de heresias says:


LeaveMeAloneYouTube says:

Next time you are on PC, kill Westie and LevelCap for me. And teabag them.

Mudder Udder says:

What’s shock operations?

jackson dantzler says:

So when does the silenced M1917 Enfield and the scoped M1917 Carbine, come to console? I didn’t get them with the latest update, so I’m guessing their coming out in the next update.

KAYOS says:

Not today bud

calamari hentai says:

Thanks for making amazing content!

Tristan says:

Definite potential here

Alex Gisolfi says:


Alex Jabs says:

How can someone access this kind of mode with these kinds of weapons??

Josiah Whiteside says:

I can remember when you had 30,000 subscribers Machine and I have to say you’re the best Battlefield player I’ve ever seen play the game. Your tactics, aim, and general mini map knowledge are all near perfect. I got better at BF1 from watching your channel and You’re doing something amazing machine. I hope you reach 1 mill and more because you deserve every single one of them. P.s. I cannot stop calling people cheeky buggers due to you =)

Lossguette says:

Damn, can’t wait to get my hands on it !

Austin Jolicoeur says:

your amazing!!! time to subscribe!

IIIOII [3O2] says:

Any ping under 100 is always good m8. If its above 100-150+, thats when you may run into slight trouble.

Angel Albornoz Guillen says:

God, you’re a barbarian, you’re a killing machine, I’d like to see you play with @iMadafaca

Erkan Gürkan says:

you are very good. I always follow.

Austin Jolicoeur says:

your amazing!!! time to subscribe!

DeMonHuNter361 says:

Master, teach me how to aim!

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