Battlefield 1: Double Barrel Attack (4K 60 FPS PS4 PRO Multiplayer Gameplay)

Double Barrel Backup in 4K!!! Like if you’re a MACHINE 👍
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►Gameplay recorded with an Elgato 4K60Pro
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

If you got this far. You are AWESOME!


gamer24042 says:

I think buyed ps4 😀

hairybones101 says:

Love the way the train was t-bagging you after the kill @1:25 lol

The Vanz says:

Yo dude, love your vids. Will you please add me on psn OG1Kenobi92 would like to play with you

Cameron lively says:

Happy holidays, broken

ruler of gods says:

Nice gameplay I like the commentary to

joe blackwell says:

Playing this on the pro is like playing a new game. Simply runs so much faster, I actually play better

//Orange Sky// says:

Plz do bring Henry martini again in a beautiful map

Austyn Mitchev says:

That was an amazing push onto B Machine!

Mohammed Naji says:

Hope u have a merry Christmas

Michał Cholewiński says:

Yo guys, i have a question. How he has so visible minimap? I mean, he can sees all objective and even things around… i play on pc and i can „set” it by press „n”, but it still close view. Can u help me with that? Merry Christmas for everyone

Braviary y says:

Did you get the new Number 3 revolver skin?

Unstoppable Jordan says:


Joe Edz says:

I see you didn’t put cheeky buggers in because everyone would just press that!

illeodavinci says:

Nice game indeed 😀

The Viper Shadow says:

Hey broken!, how many Internet megs do you have?

Oliver Lutz says:

Great gameplay which shows that playing shotguns is not simply something for noobs

123bigred says:

Do a whole round with the slug version of the double barrel..just for the neck of it…its a little trickier to use!

Vedansh Rai says:

What a game!!!! Well played dude

Victor Herring says:

Question, if u buy anything off the xbox store do u have to use credit card information

Robert Sneed says:

You and Stodeh are cheat codes

Internet Explorer says:

This game is dead

Elijah Hemara wahanui says:


Driver McSlice says:

Ah, the angry farmer loadout.

Sami Kivisalo says:

Merry Cristmas broke!

Mutley & Friends says:

Hay Ladies and Gentlemen iv started a youtube channel named Mutley & Friends. im trying to get a foot in the door as one would say lol i have bf1 montages as im a T9AU member i also do i side story named Mutley & Friends i use Memes and bf1 clips to make a story.
Thanks guys from Mutley & Friends remember to subscribe

Robert Olivier says:

I always enjoy watching you play with the double trouble shotgun. Well played!!

Mahesh Hegde says:

How to throw the dynamite far in consoles?

gamer24042 says:

I think buyed ps4

BadassBaby 69 says:

So they fix the random spread?

Ricardo Wu says:

13:58 and 14:02 are my favorite moments. It’s like symphony

rico rundatta says:

hey do u like taters?

Roman G says:

Hey Broken, do you Play with a xim4 on the ps4? Greetings form Nürnberg (Germany)! Merry Xmas

KongthePotato says:

the fuck, first guy in scoreboard got like 60 kills

Naked guy running around in a forest says:

Anyone else feel like the shotgun kills are slighty delayed? Like I shoot an enemy point blank, then a second later they fall to the ground and then I get the points.

thomas eldestdragon83 says:

Xbox one s

Xe MoDeR says:

You got triple kill in ending gameplay that was Epic

Nick Daniel911 says:

My best video of this weekend

CrimsonPhantasms says:

This kind of reminds me of Sandy Ravage old MW2 vids. Rush in their spawn with a shotgun and go to town. Haha

TheBrokenMachine says:


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