Battlefield 1 Beta – w/ Steam Controller – Gyro FPS – Gameplay PC 60fps

NEW VIDEO WITH PROFILE LINK AND ORIGIN TIPS: Nothing fancy, just wanted to show it’s very playable and fun with Steam Controller. FYI, add the game as a non-steam shortcut in Steam and make sure you are NOT signed into Origin prior to launching from Steam. Easy peasy. Like, Share n’ Subscribe… if you want.

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I have no affiliation with this game and it is the property of its creators. Any footage I show was recorded live while I played it (not trailer footage) and is protected under Fair Use.


Jarko Tijssen says:

Hey and cheers for the vid. I downloaded your set-up from steam, I logg in via steam and everything works …but the gyro. I have been trying the whole evening yesterday to get it fixed. All the other settings are working and when i press the button in the middel of the SC it brings up the overlay so it is using the template. I’ve only played campaign, but the template should work whatever type I am playing right?

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I really wanna give this a go 🙂

pricture says:

So would you recommend playing BF1 on PC with a controller? When playing on foot, do you find yourself dying constantly against mouse/keyboard players, or is it as manageable as playing on PS4 or X1?

I’m considering switching to PC for BF1, but when it comes to these kinds of games I strongly prefer a gamepad (not the Steam controller mind you), which was the main reason why I stuck to console…Not sure if the overall difference in playstyle (playing with m/k players), is going to be any fun at all.

Kama Stein says:

In games like this where it changes back to keyboard prompts on mouse move I’ve worked around that by changing my keyboard binds for those keys to be the same letter keys as the face buttons. So… change it from E to X. Depending on game it still changes style but at least it says X.

Hell, in borderlands 1 one can force it to always show button prompts however the respawn screen still says E so I do that for that edge case there as well.

John Gorski says:

can you help me, im trying to use a ps4 controller for this game but it dosent work I can only use keyboard and mouse help

Teh Penguin says:

How do you manage to be so precise with the touch pad? Just got my Steam Controller, your fault btw, and tried some Shadow of Mordor. It works fine for the most part but aiming with the bow, although much better than with the old 360 controller, feels still really off and jittery.

Are my hands/fingers not steady enough? I managed to either make it very accurate but cover a small area or allow me to flick, for faster target acquisition, with wobbly aim.

Henkjan Steringa says:

You didn’t use gyro..

fordgt says:

im not complaning but they did not use nato code in ww1

Nova Kane says:


El Charly says:

hello someone to help me can not do q the steam control is recognized by BF1 I can not make the overlay work please help

ExistentialEgg says:

Sorry the game audio is so low. I need to stop editing these vids with headphones on and I need to up the game audio a bit.

Barry Broadhurst says:

How are you getting the Steam overlay to show in game? I can’t for the life of me get it to work, I have to ALT+TAB to BF1 from Steam Big Picture when I launch my BF1 shortcut and when I press the Steam button on the controller, it alt tabs back to Steam rather than bringing up the overlay.

Vincy Gamer says:

have you tried bf1 on pc with a xb1 controller if yes how is it compare to the steam controller ?

Mike M says:

Why are your thumb pads white?

Dr GoldenPotato says:

I really enjoy this channel

charlierunkle613 says:

Where can I get your binding preset for steam controller?

Dominic Fuller says:

did u upload your config? whats it called?

Colin Parks says:

I can’t despite trying 6 diff profiles get the left stick to walk anywhere !

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