AU Modern FPS [ gameplay with skills ]

You can play this game here:


iGoldexツ says:

so much better than cs 1.6

Snowfall 24 says:

Looks awesome!

Aiden is all Knowing says:

Did you model/animate the models your self? Or just animate?

ItzRegiion says:

this game looks dope

Захар Дементьев says:

How i can deleted “MouseLock” from your free pack? I want create my own pause menu

Serjik Master says:

It,s ue4?

NILLER says:

How so quickly run and jump? What key

Nius Balance says:

Doble jump? wtf

lol lol says:

this is a source game. the level is mad in hammer

ProCSS Gamer says:

Скачать можно игру?

Shaunak Gujjewar says:

Nice project bro !

Matei Gorea says:

Will you make a site where you can actually download the game and play it online instead of playing on browser like a flash game?

EliDani says:


MATTHEW Vaga Bonas says:

master son add more ninja skills to the game i like the game and you should bring this game out , thank you for making this game

Jk Adhn says:

Nice game!…. Dude is armedunity yours?

Grizzlo says:

i downloaded unity web player but it tells me to install it but i already have it and im on firefox


please i need an download link i cant play on the site

CGMB says:

Good game, but only one suggestion….
Plz make better textures for the maps

CLINT V2 says:

what plugin i need to play the game

ITSJ4SON says:


Fatcow says:

Will it be for ios

iVoidx says:

Gameplay reminds me of halo, with the abilty to get to high spots in the map and the ability to have momentum. Nice

Marlon Torres says:

como eu fasso pra jogar o jg mano

AlfaBoy BG says:


momopa game says:

You should lut it on steam

Ogi says:

of course, exo jumps.

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