ATOMIC HEART Gameplay Demo (FPS Soviet-Union Horror Game)

ATOMIC HEART Gameplay Demo (FPS Soviet-Union Horror Game)

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Adam Holliday says:

this looks really promising for pre-alpha

AimPlot says:

A game studio with massive balls!

Vincent Lederer says:

You could make two Real croshairs out of this one. Ore even 4 small ones

AeroSurge Gaming says:

For a pre alpha game, this looks great! I wanna see more of this.

hip hop fiend says:

Well, thank god it isnt weird!

Rune says:

Yo that android enemy type is so bad ass its so unique what with its fluid animations and quirky attributes

Mike Remuzzi says:

So disappointed they canceled the vr for this. WTF!

Cataclysm says:

Don’t know if it’s worth anything, but the sign at 2:51 says “Vavilov Complex”. Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov was a real Soviet scientist who worked in plant genetics before he was killed by Stalin in 1943.

BIG-NABZ says:

This game makes me uneasy.

Infernal Spaceman says:

The uncanny valley is real with this one

Mrt says:

Сука бляать

EuromanMovieReport says:

Only Russian game ever played by me is Tetris. I must say the Soviets have updated their skills in programming.

Bear says:

The real horror is having to live in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union

BBendyStraw says:

I’m surprised this game is still happening

Elliot says:

What a shame, the game itself looks very pretty and I like the enemies but fuck me does that gun play and melee look bad

Mavis Winchester Andres says:

These Robot mannequins can do kick boxing

Soma Kun says:

Bioshock : Oh Suka Edition !

Чип says:

Та-аакс.. Русские – перекличка , все.

kristianleader11 says:

Whoever is building this game please send them to me or link me up with them since I do wanna fund this!

WordsofHeresyOfficial says:

Fallout: Crimea

GeeMan ZA says:


Pedro Llort Torres says:

The final boss is a Tripalosky

Leo Krocks says:

i dont understand this game. What is it about? Its so weird, like modified garys mod.

Cameron Phillips says:

I’ll muddle about with the (seemingly) sub par gameplay just to see all that gorgeous fever dream art.

Pedro Llort Torres says:

Woww love it sucka

Fatty2Natty says:

soooo underground hotel that dug too deep? It’s really cool how there are plants hooked up to the air system and shit

Satyrion ™ says:

New Fallout?

Brofessor Zweistein says:

Those fight mechanics need work, the polish level is doom 3 engine…but COUNT ME IN

Михаил Исаков says:

НУ такое….
свастика вместо прицела.. такое себе

Ricardo Garcia says:

When does this release?

Mr. SlyFox says:

Watching this is like a fever dream

Diabetic Dan says:

Russian? err… I saw this almost 8 months ago in English, being developed by Canadians… maybe a USA team, or a collaboration. Either way, this isn’t a “Horror Game”…. Might be a horror game to them, but this is basically Bioshock, in a different world.

Alexander Karpenko says:

Балканский крест посреди экрана чёт не очень

r3r0123 says:

what the hell is wrong with Russians making a bunch of post apocalyptic games lol

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