Amazing Sniper Gameplay in Online FPS Game on PC Insurgency Sandstorm

Incredible sniper gameplay from online fps game about modern war and us snipers Insurgency Sandstorm


Shiva : says:

Play pubg you r outdated

Abou Ayman says:

why insurgency ST has disabled the realistic scope such as the previews insurgency game ?? it was pretty awesome scope!

Egor Dryshkov says:

Я перший!!!

engineer Abdullah Ebrahem says:

Your play game is so bad

Mohammad Harris Zaman says:

10:32 what happened here?

Leila Leila says:

Parabéns adoro céus jogos

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Selvam Selvam says:

Pro pls game link kutunga

ابو حنان البصري says:

اسم العبه

Virendar Ekka says:


John Marley says:

Is that Afghan?

Dion Thomas says:

Nice looking background game play Afghanistan style battlefield campaign for snipers

craftspirit says:

The game is laggy and buggy as HELL, maybe one year later it will be playable after several patches

ابو حنان البصري says:

ما اسم هاذهي العبه

elit_ warior says:

your game play like noobb bro

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Alison Beall says:

Plz tak

David Powell says:

Your the sniper, use your fu*king scope, that’s what it is for, over watch and long kills. Your squad is 100 metres in front of you being bullet sponge’s. 9 minutes in DEAD and I can not watch YOU anymore. YOU ARE A DICKHEAD

Jefri Wienhatha says:

They say alhamdullah(thanks god)…

Joshua Andrew Flores says:

Game has beautiful graphics, And also you played like a noob bro need more improvement for that

ابو حنان البصري says:

اسم العبه

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