A Challenging Historical Tactical FPS with FLAMETHROWERS – Day of Infamy Sale + Gameplay

A Challenging Historical Tactical FPS – Day of Infamy Sale + Gameplay

I highly recommend this fantastic title by New World Interactive for just 10 USD during this sale! http://store.steampowered.com/app/447820/Day_of_Infamy/

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Outro music is Johari – Adrenaline


Hydro Gaming says:


Nate4Life01 says:

karma u noob weapons you pick up don’t have ammo


Cool video stay blessed

Fabio Benevides says:

Thanks Karma, i was looking some infos about this game. I Will buy.

regular_dyson_vacuum_user says:

This channel deserves alot more subs

الحاج صفاء نوري says:

Shot to the south bang bang bang shot to the north bang bang bang shot the enemy behind you oh I’m out of ammo man

Rockpred says:

Who else is watching while it is downloading?

Whiskey says:

ive tried to play mostly support but i denfitly love the game and have you tried Verdun?

WatchMeWrench says:

6 months since I have played this. Good to see its still the same narrow linear corridor camp fest.

21FeroCious says:

Insurgency is amazing, i must get this aswell!

Jake Seppola says:

7:00 Goes ham. They need to make one of these games on a physics based engine. 16:12 What needs to be implemented is planetary rendering and modern(current) context that would make a big feeling and good game.
As for this game I do not like it that much other than maybe the damage model, not a fan of historical games right now and everything should be unlocked at the start of a game.
Karma have you ever gotten into Ground Branch? I have gameplay of it on my channel its $19.99

Gijs Olff says:

why would you play this instead of rising storm games? to me it seems like rising storm has the same ideas but better gameplay

Scott Pilgram says:

Day of Infamy is amazing. way better than any of the rising storms in my opinion

zachary mc. says:

team was ass

TheNinjadelivery says:

I can tell Day Of Defeat had a heavy influence on this map

21FeroCious says:

Pretty much a reskin of insurgency, Amazing nontheless

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