9 PLAYERS, ONE WINNER. || RECOIL Free-for-all FPS Gameplay (and Equipment Review)

So apparently these things dropped in price heavily. You might want to check this out (affiliate links):

2-Player Starter Pack: http://amzn.to/2zTtwOB
SR-12 Rogue Blaster: http://amzn.to/2B87UCt
RK-45 Spitfire Blaster: http://amzn.to/2Aet1mr
RECOIL Frag Grenade (cheaper at Walmart/Target: http://amzn.to/2zYungU

Literally in the last 3 hours, between exporting and uploading, the 4-player pack is back up to 200$ which isn’t worth it at the moment.

I woke up to a massive package! I didn’t really know what was inside, and when I opened it originally (which I wish I would have gotten on camera), I saw a bunch more RECOIL stuff! This is awesome, because now I actually have enough to get a 3v3 game together if anyone around here wants to play.

RECOIL is basically augmented reality Laser Tag which works via a portable WiFi Router and a player’s Smart Phone to add GPS and immersive sound queues into an otherwise pretty sterile game. It’s a ton of fun, and I hope it goes somewhere in the future.

Special thanks to Meishel from Foam Blast for operating the second camera, it really helped bring the video together.

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LUCHATHOR 13 says:


Mark Morgan says:

So glad to see you didn’t go away for good!

BishopGantry says:

Seems way to clumsy for what it does, smack talk button was about as intresting as this recoil gets.

Peter Anton says:

Only had to wait 2 weeks for a new video

gustaaf says:

YES the fuzzy walrus returns!!!! Rewatching and likebombing old videos was great but good to see you back. Awesome video, love the gameplay!!!

Adam Spencer says:

Epic. Footage i think i might be picking a couples now that i seen it in action

William Sveen says:

Hey Walcom, when is the next nerf war in your area?

James White says:

Love the video looked like a lot of fun!!

William Roberts says:

I’m glad to see you’re back I hope you’re doing well!

olli lehtonen says:

Nice to see you again, Walcom.

Lord Miko says:


Diaboli14s says:

Oooo what’s is and is there one in a AR design or sniper, shotgun


Will this essentially take over traditional modified nerf springers and flywheels?

Johnny Whited says:

So happy to see you in a different video. Thanks for coming back.

Terran Staranious says:

The fuz Lord has returned

The lone Assasin says:

its a jolt reskin

homelee665 says:

Good to see new content, sir. Glad to have you back. I do hope it’s for good.

Treecko_Gamer02 says:

God I always love walcom’s intros

Beret says:

This was a lot of fun to play! Trying to learn it on the fly was a bit tricky but hey, I still got 5th…

Jacob Bliesner says:

Yes Walcoms7 put out a new vid!!!!!! 😀

WalcomS7 says:

inb4 a million comments complaining about *heavy breathing*.

If I do another one of these, it’ll definitely have the audio from the game. I have an audio mixer I meant to bring and forgot. The potential for making some awesome videos using this stuff is quite high.

Here Be Thy Nerds says:

Walcom didn’t die yay

Nerf Gun Attachments says:

Gamestop is also having an insane clearance sale for all of the Recoil stuff. Seems to be sold out online now though, so you’ve got to locate it in your local store.

AnonymousTwenty says:

Walcom back!
(that’s it, that’s the whole joke)

Sid Burn says:

Glad to see you back, please make more foam flinging content

Sam Willis says:

Can’t get Recoil in the UK… gutted…

iamc andk says:

that rifle would be an awesome nerf blaster i would love to make it a like full auto fly wheel ( i know you mentioned that but its vivid in my mind i just need deeper pockets lol) keep up the good work!

Quindarious Gooch says:

Hey, no picking up darts.

john ayrton says:

Great vid. Can’t wait for the next

Rackets 96 says:

Welcome back !!! I’ve missed your content !!! Awesome footage btw

Ethan Marks says:

They need to make a shotgun for recoil. OR BETTER YET A SHOTGUN PISTOL.

Anonymous Prime says:


Peter Juan says:

Hey, man. Just wanted to say that I’m really glad you’re back.

LightningEagle14 says:

Thank god your back….. I was getting really worried about you! I don’t usually like videos (from anyone) but for you I made an exception! Also, this war footage was an incredible step up from the footage you last gave us. Please tell me I will be able to watch footage from both you AND Beret!?

PricklysNerfMods says:

Glad you’re back 🙂

Kiragaya Kazuto says:

Hey walcom I want one ….. ..

Thepump says:

My bro is back!!!

Nerf Wizard Mods says:


gargunkle says:

hey man welcome back and good luck

dat m8 says:

I know it’s the winter ad revenue is down and walruses have to hibernate but still you could make SOME uploads

Sir_Meow_ 77 says:

I don’t care if I have to stop watching my anime, it’s flipping Walcom!

bEaT eM' aLL says:

When I watched and liked this video it had 262 likes and 2 dislikes…I’m leaving this comment here for future reference in the event another dislike bomb hits

Russell Gerald says:


Zero Blade says:

Only 2 dislikes? Finally found and killed that dislike bot have you? Sweet! Welcome back to the land of the liked. Now start modding those guns, stuff the internals into a nerf shell of some sort

Craig's says:

Great review! You addressed everything I was curious or concerned about. Awesome work dude!

Elliott Larsen says:

Welcome back buddy!!

NerfSquad501 says:

Your back!

Zargax 24 says:

I’m so happy to see you back sir. Keep up the great work. Hope you go back to a regular schedule soon

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