8 Minutes of Post Scriptum Gameplay – Realistic Military FPS (1080p 60FPS)

Check out eight action-packed minutes of the Post Scriptum closed beta!

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Daniil Gerasimov says:

I can tell right now, this game won’t get big success. Graphics aren’t great, and gameplay is way too hardcore for cast majority of players

Alvin REDDELTA says:

kinda poor on CGI looks like half life 2

the fucking police says:

TO EVERYONE READING: I pre ordered and have played all closed tests and i have to say this game is amazing at it current state.

Jadek says:

looks amazing

Mr. GhostShelter says:

Realistic, aside from the shitty graphics?

Michael Hertzog says:

This game is horribly optimized. I have a Ryzen 7 2700x, EVGA GTX 1070 TI FTW2 OC, 16gb of 3200mhz Trident Z and this game is barely playable on ultra at 1080p with Max AA.

黄辰旭 says:

So IGN post trailer(teaser) of realistic/ simulator game? wow, such amazing, it could be a news.
not only shitendo or other child play, such a great news.

Stelus Studios says:

Says the people who wont shut up are his teammates

*doesnt hear a word for the first minute and a half*

rigsby2222 says:

I’ve been playing this for about a week now. It’s incredible, the sounds are amazing as are the visuals. It is without doubt the most realistic WW2 game I’ve played.

lerithier says:

Game looks great, but they’ve got to rework that 3p animations and the reloads animations

Rogred says:

“Communication is essential in this game.”
*goes lone wolf*

The The says:

0-10 not enough diversity

Joe Ceresini says:

Just seems all war fps games are so basic anymore. All were getting is better graphics, but nothing more. Nothing innovative or original.

Brian Haney says:

No destructible environment?

Falc0ln says:

Nice shots but there is no teamplay. PS is focus on communication and plsying together in the squad. Here we can see lonely wolf gameplay.

Abu Hajaar says:

that was some boring, shitty gameplay. Showed no diversity in the classes in the game and failed to show the most important aspect of the gameplay that you mentioned just a moment prior. Teamwork. there is proper footage of this game elsewhere if you look up like operation drewski or karmakut or blue drake idk

MisterSaIesman says:

This is not how you play Post Scriptum, IGN is dumb as usual, you’re supposed to join a squad and COMMUNICATE. The game “journalist” also set graphics to low, to make the game look bad.

Jsaur says:

He treats bushes like they’re concrete walls.

keloo tembeloo says:

poor mans battlefield 🙂

Skruff says:

Doesnt even know how to play the game lol

FrigidFire119 says:

on steroids

Pvt. Duckling says:

Publicity will be the death of Squad and PS…

Bryant says:

this is pretty irresponsible of a game media company to release gameplay this bad. You guys are representing this game to a much bigger audience on IGN and are affecting this game’s reception.

Snootchie Bootchies says:

It’s milsim bruh.

Wade Stutzman says:

Honestly though, in WW2 not everyone had a radio. I feel like if they’re shooting for realism, there shouldn’t be team comms at all.

Skelly says:


Rowenn John Martinez says:

Played solo on a team based game, you have the MG Role, you supposed to support team advances and suppress enemies during squad charge.

twat player from IGN

Emi Ruiz says:

mhq is like arma

Gottlieb M. says:

How much does it cost?

crazy bob says:

Burn in hell battlefield 5

gregory dufinshmirts says:

Keep in mind that this game is currently in a beta state. I play squad and this quite alot and so far I prefer post scriptum. The optimization is hit and miss at the moment but they’re improving it rather quickly.

m m says:

already dead lmao

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