30 FPS vs. 60 FPS Gaming

Frame Rate comparison in “Video Games” between 30 FPS and 60 FPS.
Games list:
00:00 Assassin’s Creed: Origins
00:49 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
01:56 Diablo 3
02:32 Overwatch
03:34 Project CARS 2
04:17 Limbo
04:54 Call of Duty: WW2
05:41 CS:GO
06:16 PUBG
08:03 GTA 5

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Panji Prakoso says:

30 FPS VS 60 FPS VS 120 FPS GAMING please

Alpha Papa Palpatine says:

60fps looks better sure, but it rarely makes a big difference


Am I the only one who caps GTA 5 on 30fps? 60fps on that game looks WEIRD and UNNATURAL

SasNolan says:

Pubg – 60 fps

Powering Imagination says:

i dont see a difference tbh

Alex Surh says:

60fps is laggy too

Никита Сталин says:

console gamers don’t see the difference

Scuderio says:

It’s just like 30 FPS is pretty good but when you have played on 60 FPS once it makes 30 FPS just look laggy as shit

dieguoto says:

Puedes estar viendo una peli incluso en blanco y negro o en 3D pero al cabo de minutos la vista se acostumbra y ni te llamará la atención los detalles o colores.

MAX MAX says:

nothing special

Ky Auditore says:

the transitions in 30 fps makes my eyes hurt on otherhand 60 fps transition is so damn smooth..

Gringo says:

i couldnt see any difference 🙁

TheBrightjay says:

Got setting at 1080 60 can’t see any difference

Chris TBTP says:

I can tell the difference in YouTube videos even when the default is set to 30 every time, I just know when a a video was recorded at 60fps instantly and change the settings.

SaatanaKettu says:

I can’t believe how people are willing to play fast paced games 30fps.

Assad Play says:

There is no difference

He show same thing

Фузи says:

where you take money for systems?

John Castiel says:

60FPSs give me motion sickness, I find games around 30FPS to be my sweet spot but that’s just me.

Jacob Plays says:

console players say that the human ear can’t see more than 4 gb ram

EggyRepublic says:

I paused the video like 20 times and looked very closely and still can’t tell the difference.

TTP JFK says:

So are u telling me that u can’t see the difference between 60 fps and 100 fps unless u slow the video down?

Nermain Merl says:

Μου χαμογελασε και βρηκα την αφορμη να της μιλησω να της πω γιατι εισαι μονη γιατι;

GameX СеверныйВетер says:

I am just starting, brothers sign up and like the video, I will be grateful to you

VINTORY :D says:

Для даунов, на консоле свои 30 фпс, не такие как на обоссоном ПК

Pradeep dev says:

I find no difference..,any body think my eyes to be checked..

ChiChi 288 says:

It’s true what they say. when you have all that FPS butter, There’s no turning back.

Мартин Иванов says:

To be honest on some games 30 fps looks more realistic, but yes it’s kinda difficult to play win low frame rate.

Chen Luming says:

when compared side by side, 30FPS feels like it is lagging.

wolfgang says:

Hey guys. Please watch this video at 60FPS, otherwise it will be useless.
Games list:
00:00 Assassin’s Creed: Origins
00:49 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
01:56 Diablo 3
02:32 Overwatch
03:34 Project CARS 2
04:17 Limbo
04:54 Call of Duty: WW2
05:41 CS:GO
06:16 PUBG
08:03 GTA 5

120.FPS footage recorded with “OBS” (other clips with “Shadowplay”)
Hope you like this comparison, i put a lot of effort on it.

Crowd Media Marketing says:

not big different actually …. and 60FPS gonna be standard spec , even a TV display

Lemon James says:

Yeah 30fps makes me feel weird slower etc while watching but while gaming its not that bad tey 30fps while gaming not watching videos then you will see there is nearly no difference

Nemesis nexisis says:

разницы большой не вижу, а в некоторых играх 30фпс даже приятней выглядят чем 60

Stephany Rivadeneyra says:

All your videos are on 30 frames per second because YouTube changes your video quality to 30

kamal kumar says:

Cant find diff

Research and Build says:

Even at 60fps i still feel like i see tearing. Modern games at 60fps still dont look as good as arcade machines. Maybe its a response time issue. Dont most arcades even modern arcades still use CRT? which smooths things out even more.

alexguada11 says:

Anyone see difference?


Seeing a video won’t show much difference to me.. but when you actually get to play it and the fps drops to 40/30 during a graphically demanding scene, you will definitely notice a difference, especially if you’ve been gaming on a good pc for years. I used to play console, upgraded to a pc 5 years ago. When I played with a friend on his console recently the fps was definitely noticeable, the frame rate on a console just seems to lag the game itself which made console playing unenjoyable for me, obviously there’s a huge gap when coming from a pc playing at 144Hz on 1440P on ultra settings to a console but That’s just preference of course

Musa Baysal says:

Sendeki 30 FPS zaten 60 olarak işliyor. Nasıl bilgisayarın varsa artık.

inactivo95 says:

30fps = enough

60fps = satisfactory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Shawn Burrows says:

the human brain is only a 500gb sata

Besuto says:

To see the difference, you need to watch the video in 720p60 min (to get 60 fps on the video ;D), otherwise you will not be able to see the difference.

For people who say that there is no difference, or have trouble seeing the difference, just slow down the video at x0.5 speed

Makrolanium7 Anders ist besser. says:

Also wenn es jetzt noch einen gibt der sagt 30 FPS sind ruckelfrei.. der lügt…
Ab 60 FPS gehts erst ab…die unterschiede müsste jeder sehen / merken!

Top Video ! <3

majid mahmoudi says:

where is different?

Juan Infatino says:

60 se ve muy hermoso

よろずや says:

60FPS is best

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