FIFA 18 BEST FORMATIONS – Top 5 Formations in FIFA 17 – Should I do Formation Tutorials? — Can we get 700 likes?
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Matt Ball says:

45th , 90th , 105th , 120th cheese goals for you and against us since Fut started. The defenders turn into the chuckle brothers ( sorry uk based players will get that joke ) and run into each other. Needs to change ffs.

Peter Wood says:

Change the servers and change the whole EA team to someone who actually gives a shit about the community, PS I’m not buying fifa 19, same shit different year

CN22FIFA says:

Pro clubs needs to be the way forward but has to be 11v11 none of this bs 5v5 with Ais

jerichblue21 says:

More servers, delay and lag are the worst enemy of fifa 18

Byrnzie400 says:

How can the defense be 100% manually controlled? There isn’t just one defender in a team in real life, there’s three-four defenders. There needs to be BALANCED defending. If they go 100% manual then you’ll be controlling one defender only whilst the other’s stand still and don’t react, which will make the game unplayable.

amcrzyeahiknw says:

i miss the old days when there wasnt FUT but fifa Interactive world cup that was balanced and fair

Sven says:

I would like to see more changes in Career mode, The Journey I don’t like…

Wilfried Coulibaly says:


ArJay Hasty says:

Here is an easy way to improve pro clubs and ultimate team. Make your pro available on your FUT!

It can’t be that hard to code!

damario mauslby says:

They need to fix Cristiano Ronaldo… He’s too over powered… It doesn’t matter how far he is from the goal he got to score or hit the post

Shane Jeremich says:

I would love to have practice mode back. Not arena but actual practice mode like they had in previous fifas but took out a few years ago. It was similar to pes practice mode

therealpathynes says:

I like all your points man. Still think AA9 hit the nail on the head with his idea. When you qualify for the WL after beating the DKT there should be another tourney/game mode that unlocks where people who are already qualified can play against each other. That way you can actually practice for WL

el vergo says:

We need to get better rewards that would definetly motivate people to play the game there are times where I just play 11 games just to requalify and then leave it cause I know rewards are shi…..

Emannnen says:

I’ve said this before but I’ll say this again.. Give me women in the FIFA Ultimate Team. I think it would be awesome if YOU could mix both men and women in the same team!!

RobbieDBMusic says:

I watched allot of videos but this one yeh, can agree with allot of your points. But there has to come multiple fut champs ranks i think. I can play fifa but noway i can get 30 wins. If they chopped that up and the fifa street into fifa 19 would be insane

Mike LaBelle says:

Mans not even droppin’ add — 9:43 STRONG

Let me know what you wanna see for #FIFA19 — Previous Video: Why MsDossary is a CHAMP: https://goo.gl/dWNJwp

RealMarkoPolo says:

Indoor game mode would be a lot of fun. And an extension to the Weekend League would take off a lot of pressure from some players.

Shah Ji says:

Ur 1st video which i liked

Alex Boersch says:

They have to change WL rewards IMO. It’s a no go that some friends with elite 1 monthly pull crap and friends with gold 3 monthly pull top tier players. This is happening pretty much every month. When a gold 3 gets 81+ guaranteed, why not give an elite 1 player at least 5 85+ guaranteed in his 20 inform pack?

amcrzyeahiknw says:

FUT should not be pay to win thou it wont happen lol

Lewis98x says:

5v5 Pro Clubs…


Jay Wanats Simbine says:

The best point that I liked is the FIFA Street style game mode… That’d be fun and encourage the use of skill moves and the fun plays, beautiful goals… Nice point there Mike..

Jack Brown says:

I just want an online tournament mode back on UT, I don’t want to have play D1, online singles or spend coins on draft

rod Santos says:

I still play FUT even though it feels like work sometimes. I think EA should do something with PRO Clubs. When all my friends get on at the same time we play PRO Clubs. I think maybe they should add some sort of system wherr the players that aren’t an avatar we can use real players. For example my avatar is a ST and my friends are the wingers and cam position and the rest of the squad we have pogba at CM and Bakayoko at CDM. I think it would make it more interesting. And make a system where we earn points or even coins that we can use to purchase the players. I think it would be fun.

Spencer Klepper says:

Spot on as always

Byrnzie400 says:

EA need to nerf the 45th and 90th minute goals, and they need to nerf the nutmegs. They also need to nerf the fact that in offline play (Squad Battles), EVERY SINGLE REBOUNDED BALL goes to the A.I.

christopher hosking says:

I watch your tactic vids most my play is watching you and ovy now please try get fifa to see they have a game for all players not robbing off people for profit

MaRvMG _04 says:

Better rewards for the ones consistently getting Elite minimum. Also EA should start WL on Thursday 2am(for me Eastern USA) instead of Friday at 2am giving us an extra 24 hrs

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