If Catalonia succedes from Spain, there is a small chance that FC Barcelona would move to the English Premier League. Messi vs Aguero and Pogba? Could be juicy. Let us play out this FIFA 18 experiment by putting Barca B in the lowest division of English football and focusing on the famed La Masia academy to grow this team from the ground up. That and watch Messi end careers in the lower divisions. Either way, please enjoy this Barca B to Beast Career Mode!

Please check out the lads!


Sparring DK:


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Krakenator 312 says:

Happy New Year BM!

Gabralinho111 says:

8:40 I skip to the goals. Is that ok?

Daryl Appleton says:

I think you guys should work in other games…. but still do fifa as the main

Kehinde Hopkins says:

Love the sit down and talk, wish you could just have a stream dedicated to talking to us so we could interact with you.

Samuel Larsson says:

Where does your parents live?

Jakub Elegancki says:

You like “sizzurp “:D ?

Sam Martin says:

Pls don’t do ultimate team. You would lose so much originality and we are watching for career mode. I hope you see this!! ❤️

Gerson G says:

tbh gameplay is one of my favorite parts of the video.

Callum Martin says:

100% yes it is

Samuel Larsson says:

IMO gameplay can sometimes be very boring every thing from commentary to the game itself. Like a guy i really like is DK with his music and sounds affects whenever he scores, misses a good opportunity or concede and who doesn’t love aussie with his commentary and funny slang. Watching him you need to have urban dictionary within reach to understand few words.

Don’t know if you watch Football manager alot but there is a guy called “Proudie” who does his lineups, bench and signings with fancy design he does by himself, that’s another thing that makes it more interesting.

peruinmaheart says:

The only way to accept the apology is if you do a Diss Madrid Track part 2!

Juan Bernal says:

Yay hes back

Reily Cruz says:


Gabralinho111 says:

Maybe you could play some fortnite?

ataladin 87 says:

A joke


J - says:

I watch career modes if they are good

Dawson Shifferd says:

Please go on your discord more

LuckyIrish 510 says:

Just show highlights of the games

Favian Benavidez says:

instead of career modes just do ultimate team. like a series of road to division 1 ! or you can just do both

Mike Saxton says:

Would be great to see you mash-up football manager and FIFA… somehow… ⚽

Legendary YT says:

Fifas dead

MULTI says:


jidhn jidz says:

Early squad

michael ritchie says:

I think a traditional career mode can only work in the beginning of a FIFA. I think your career mode, that is story driven, is a better cm because it keeps us interested with story.

Eashan Saju says:

Great vid bro

jordan maharaj says:

Bro if i were in your shoes i would have taken time off as well….. u deserved it

BrianMeneer says:

i watch the wolves career mode from Matt every day

Adam Alexander says:


Zovoz says:


Arkhi Jan Amor says:

I’m one of the heartless bastards who said Yes to recording even if you’re sick xD However, that’s cos your energy level when recording the video didn’t seem low. It’s a compliment! It just showed that you really wanted to give us a great video to watch even though you’re sick!

But if you’re too sick then take a break man! Love your vids! More power to you and your channel

kumiko nakagawa says:

You are the best take your time to make the best content you can.

Reksa Putra Isa says:

I think why most people skip the gameplay is because you are facing an ai, the results is quite easy to predict, no disrespect & don’t get me wrong, i enjoy the gameplay, but tbh why don’t you try an old fashion road to D1 RTG?, you play legendary difficulty for quite a while now, & i think when you get bored when facing legendary difficulty, you are basically a decent player now, just give it a shot, but it is my opinion tho, you can do whatever you want in this channel & I’m still going to watch (sorry for bad english, not my first language lol)

BMOnus says:

So apologies but this is not a normal Career Mode video. This is a sit down and talk to the camera episode, where after such a long break, I want to see where you all are at. How do you feel about this series still, and plans for the channel moving forward. Let me know how you feel by voting and leaving comments down below about what you want to see from me and this series in 2018.

Etheroff says:

You on Twitch doe??

Ballistic Sharkiez says:

Since you’re moving out of LA permanently, what does that mean for mrs monus, will she still be in videos and will you guys still be dating?

Jeremey Collins says:

With career mode, EA need to completely change it… if you notice our beloved career mode has been the same since fifa 14! If they revamped it like they do with UT then I think there will be a “resurrection” of career mode.

Jose Gonzalez says:

Fat Asian > Jake Paul

Kehinde Hopkins says:

Do that cry, laugh, constipation, thing every single episode pls.

Poseidon1018 __ says:

I’m happy your back

Hazza Blade says:

Play pes lol

Jick Montoya says:

Take as long as you need, just always come back bigger and better

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