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Jack 05 says:

In from Exeter

SYCO Cubn says:

How does Ryan only have 43k subs

The Dark Khan says:

Need tutorial on L1, R1 runs and ta timed finishing tutorial, every time I try a timed finish, it takes so long, that the opponents catch up to it

G. says:

Finishing tutorial please, im struggling to finish chances this year which is punishing me while playing fut champs and rivals

harry thomas rich says:

Love the vid and would like u to make one about the run thing and timed finishing

LGF says:

Defending and breaking down defence

SCRIVO 72 says:

Hey Ryan what do you do at university im in grade 10 thinking of doing law or medicine. i am top in my grade any advice

Nick Carbone says:

Wtf you talking about. Compared to fifa 19 FIFA 18 is fucking brilliant. This FIFA is an absolute fucking joke. I deadset do not believe that ea even played this game before releasing it. At least in FIFA 18 the mechanics made sense and were actually easy to use. This FIFA the only way to score is by doing a long shot with timed finishing or fucking crosses again. Absolutely shite

R3L4PSE1 says:

How does he do stop with sane at 2:37?

The Meme Muffin says:

So basically I have 200k mané and dybala can someone help me build a a squad and send it to my instagram which is – @connorhouston._

Arjun Sansi says:

Aj is back

Yon Andelman says:

Is Auba worth the coins?

J V says:

Ryan , nice to see you staying with the uploads. Time finishing x passing tutorial would be nice. Much love from the states

Anthony Marquis says:

I don’t even understand first time finishing

Kivan Jahangiri says:

I need help on my custom tactics

D Dill says:

As bad as fifa 18 was and it was awful this year’s fifa is 100 percent worse. It literally launched with broken powered’s the equivalent of an FPS launching and being unable to shoot your gun at times. Timed finesse shots are an absolute joke of a “skill gap” because they still go in when timed wrong. 1 on 1s are a joke. The glitch when changing formation and players not switching positions. Fifa 18 had Bad gameplay…fifa 19 has bad gameplay and is quite literally broken on top of that

Lucas Mendes says:

Just found out your channel today and brooooooooo dat is some sick gameplay! Keep up the good work and if u dnt mind bring some tutorials <3

Fernando Tinoco says:

He is a good player but to be honest i don’t think he would be ranked top 100 without that team, i really wanted to see these so called pro’s achieveint those high ranks with our budged 100k max teams tbh.

fred bridger says:

i need help w defending

Robert Sedoc says:

Nice video bro. Keep it up. One of my favorite man. Blessss

Badboy says:

Hey man please do a tutorial on fluid passing and build up play

Santeri Puumalainen says:

I need these camera settings!

Bryan Munene says:

Some help on timed finishing please…

Sr X says:

Joga muito

Chill Nozza says:

How do you do skills ?

Faris Qari says:

Tutorial on the manual run

The Executioner says:

you are amazing bro <3 and btw is the timed finesse still working after the patch ?

Cosmin Fifa says:

Hello man i need a formations video i mean i want to know to block/attack other formation pls ! Btw I subb to your channel !

Ashlee Crook says:

Great Video bud, I have just started using Hierro at CB and he is a absolute monster like you said he just doesn`t lose anything in the Air and if you pair him with a slightly quicker CB no problems at all

Elliott Scott says:

Yes to the tutorials my man, look forward to you uploading regularly again!! ❤️

Gordinho m8 says:

You make First time finishing and Fifa 19 in general look piss easy, love the content man, always!! Keep it up

SSS King says:

Good to see u again legend best FIFA player in the world

Bjørnar Kvaal says:

High pressure tutorial would be great

Jay Williams says:

What’s the L1+R1 thing? To make runs?

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