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Alex Lam says:

“You have a 99% turnover ratio” – D4
That’s not how it works feller

ToniGam3r1000 says:

Side change your height to 5’8 or 5’9. Also change your position to Midfielder CAM, and Sp33dy wasn’t offside. Change your Kit to Real Madrid and 99.9% chance at winning every game

john appleseed says:

Sides the type of guy to apologize to his mom for eating the dinner she made for him

Hoelly Sheeeit says:

Stop playing cup matches! XD

Angel Ramirez says:

Side y’all getting better each episode

Mir Sadek says:

I love how everyone is being supportive and giving advice lol

A V says:

When the crew shouts out where you’re from. Pasadena CA baby !!!!!!!

C Matthew says:

SideArms can you do Cuphead

your barber says:

play seasons instead of a cup match so you can play people who are just as bad lol.

MrEcrox says:

Maybe If 1 of you guys stays defending, 1 in the middle and 1 offensive, things could work better. Defender only runs until the middle while attacking while the guy in the middle run to help the attacker. Also the middler help defending when they attack you guys.

treddie says:

<3 the banter

Foxx Games says:

Side, if you guys play league games instead of cup games you’ll get matched with people around your skill level! It could also be called divisions, where you start in division 10!

Bob Joe says:


Sabrina Jo says:

“Proof the world is flat, everyone has like 10 shadows”

feroz shabandri says:

Side for better defending go to controller settings and change it to legacy defending and then press a on x box to defend like a boss

M Bailey says:

Still like the vid though

Pengoon says:

yay more sportsball

Juan Guzman says:

Side, I left this comment in speedy’s video too but if you spam or hit B or X twice it’s a driven shot, meaning it goes low, when crossing hold the crossing button (X) for like a second or two as well for shooting (B)… Also your rating is low because you guys don’t play your positions lol but that’s what makes it funny, but if you’re trying to get the rating higher follow the arrow around your player

God JoeLs says:

They are so cute playing fifa ahahaha

John H says:

You should try and play pro clubs with the sidemen.

MexicanAutobot says:

Side, how big is you are peepee?

Pat Gregory says:

Have u been using the skill points to upgrade ur player?

Osiel Alonso says:


Tanai'a L-K says:

The reason they’re too good is because you guys are playing cup matches lol :O

Biscuit says:

Bike? In spanish

Manny Ortiz says:


Aidan Castro says:

R1/RB + square/X is a chip/lob

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