RONALDO REWARD PACK IN START OF FIFA 19 MOBILE -All Pre season and Now and later elite packs opening

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Jalal_ Gamer says:

jfkby og,nktp

CrispyBacon 7 says:

Hey guess what!? I subscribed!
(My team is only 77 ovr but I’ve beat two 83 ovr teams in vs attack wtf)

pro dani says:

Realy good video

Michał Majchrzak says:

Why i don’t get this packs pre-season?

Asfar Sarfaraz says:

Yo can anyone help me plz. The game doesnt allow me to change the kit after I select a Crest it just stays on the same default fifa kit

Joshua Sánchez Rivera says:


the really epic14 says:

PLZ help my fifa mobile too slow taking long time to finish 1 game and it keep slowing down

Non Non says:

You are hacker

ExoAssassino says:

Bro plz support my channlr


Where to download it?

JuStIn .y says:

Thanks to you Chillboy I got 1 million under 10 minutes 😀

Fabricio Rojas says:

Tu canal es una mierda

RedMan OP says:

Can someone help me fin PACK SLOT i canf find it pleasee! In fifa mobile of cpurse

Jerin Rojan says:

19 version is pay to win

Adomas Daniulis says:

But how did you get thous inbox

Mano Knight says:

How i win this?

romainempire 123 says:

The reward pack was disappointing for me and the the animation for Ronaldo and the rest were ugly the black was not working

Mody Gamer Ksa says:

Name the song 00:34

jose morelo says:

Chili boy how did you get pre season reward plz tell me

Vali Rado says:

i do Not geh that

Argh Argh says:

Please Help me:
Ich got all my pre season rewards but not my pre season Players. What shall i do?

oyun ustası says:

Yo amına

Bilal_gaming_ TV says:


vedha prakash says:

how to get previous season rewards i played last season but i didnt revcive the rewards for it


When i started it didnt give me know and later packs please tell me how to get it?

Vinodfarook E says:

Fifa 18 i miss you sooo much

Kaneezzainab Mirza says:


Albanian Gaming says:

How you can get this now and later rewards pls tell me


TBH the new update sucks and it’s very glitchy I can’t even get into the menu just says to me a lot of errors..

soulyskills 4ever says:

I dont have Ronaldo

Stoney Boloney says:

Lmao ended S2 with a 111 OVR. Didn’t get any of these rewards. Absolute joke.

KHAN -1203 says:

Why you so cool?

ExyNoS - says:

When yall say its laggy, its your device not the game. Check the EA forums for unfo about it.

10.000 subscribers with out videos says:


sjoerd beelen says:

i played the whole season last season and i only got 45 pre season points but no players how?

Nae Oprea says:

Iti curge engleza pe la colțul guri

ExoAssassino says:

Expect for the cream team pack no other elite players

Vinodfarook E says:

Fifa 18 was good

ExoAssassino says:

I didn’t get ronaldo pack

Ashu Goswami Sharma says:

A also play FIFA 19 mobile but I don’t have Ronaldo neither Courtois and 0 inbox some help to become better

osas osas says:

my team is 99lineup and i repeat to level 1 its suck

jose morelo says:

Chill boy how did you get pre season reward

ExoAssassino says:


Sean & Natalie Power says:


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