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Shakred says:

grats bro

Fut Gols says:

Your team have a legend, Messi and Ronaldo, is easy, my team have Gomez and Belotri

Saizonjob says:

My friend played you on Sunday lol

Jimmy Morales says:

thanks for the great videos tass

Hi I'm Dicko says:

Think Tass is the only pro who plays away games

Liam Mangan says:

23 wins and 3 dc’s

Jacob Bunn says:

when are you versing any pros during the games or do you just quit out of them?

Gal Manzur says:

Amazing job… keep that great fifa ✌

Joaco Guerrico says:

Hi tass, great content, congratulations on the 40/40 and on the 2-0 match against spurs! Following from argentina, continue like this!

Kayla Marlow says:

G u y s!   U p d a t e d   C h e a t    F o r  C oins!   O n l i n e   H e r e  ➜ ➜

Alonso Placido says:

If only I was as good as you, like wtf your so good.

IoioPlays says:

Tass, bro, do you even lift?

Swagy DADDY says:

Could you please bring us an 250 K squad that U like or think would be amazing. Please i am really struggling with my squad

Troy Charles says:

Tass The Best <3

Bro Fist says:

2:50 how do you do that celebration

fak1t says:

Fifa matchmaking is like global elite csgo players playing against gold novas , tass u are great player but dont bs us plz , cheers



Gary Gannon 360 says:

Where is Henry sell Ronaldo or Messi and get Henry

David Kirkwood says:

Who gave you the coins? Considering you had nothing last week…. and moaned at not getting enough coins after rewards

Gustav Lindskog (Vaxmoraskolan) says:

Best player in the world!!

Jameson Ryley says:

He’s a genius that just so happens to play fifa. GL with qualification Tass!

KhanMozzin Daraz says:

hey tass according to me you are the world champion, i follow you very egerly; common atleast value a bit to some of ur subcribers we are crazyly awaitng for your custom tactics !!?

Hi Im Bob says:

Tass i love u my guy <3 congrats and i was just wondering can u do a CT video cuz spenny done it but most of us that watch u are also motivated by ur playstyle and would love to replicate what u are doing.. once again congrats best in the world

Ariel Kepinski says:

On Xbox 3 ppl 40-0, PS4 30 pl 40-0 what’s going on bro?? Congratulations anyway

Pewpewpie8 King says:

Tass can you upload everyday

John Smith says:

Invest in Baby Icon Defenders Guys. There have been no Prime Icon SBCs for Defenders and it could be time for the first on thursday

Vasco Carmona says:

I love gaming and fifa, especially. But pro videogame players are just so weird.

Minizee says:

Like if tass is the best player in the world

Milan Vuletic says:

No one he faced had a team even as close to the power his had…. The advantage is huge

KeRem _19O5 says:

With the german youtuber he means Proownez or not??

White Nite says:

How many times a day do you say TASS ?

Freddy Lopez says:

Where can i see the game vs the streamer? champions channel? whats that??

The Real MVP says:

I got silver 2 in fut weekend league. But I only played 28 games

Asif Rahaman says:

4:21 If you had the Prime Henry he would be a SBC

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