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alex kunkley says:


Jeanavos Pyram says:

It happens offline too


More proof that this game is scripted

Bear Bearson says:

I agree without a doubt, and been saying this since FIFA 2005. It has always been a problem, so you built your channel on a broken game 😛 JK, but EA need to fix it! I have fought for this for years.

Matto2294 says:

We need more people reveal stuff like this and less people buying fifa points. Game is beyond broken, doubt it can even be patched to work properly. As he shows its not just about the servers, its the entire game thats f****d.

Basamo Basa says:

lol this me talking to my flatmate about fifa

Shahboz Sharipov says:

Why don’t famous streamers like Castro don’t feel this bad gameplay as usual as we do?? I have a fiber optic internet and my speed is above 1 gig. My lag only happens when I play FIFA…

Gifted Fingers - Xavi says:

r2 dummies the ball actually

زورا Zura says:

the gameplay so bad that I didn’t bother finshing fut champs.
I played 5 matches 1-4 (lost 3 on purpose) just to see myself in top 100 for a few minutes.

Kasem_7 says:

كس اخت الفيفا

Gifted Fingers - Xavi says:

R2 dummies the ball when its passed

david M says:

Fifa gameplay nowadays is trash…I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not surprised anymore. I literally go into games thinking “I wonder what kind of trash I’m going to experience today?”

Ian Ward says:

I lost 4 in a row friday thanks to bad gameplay commands not responding im on 12 for 7 now fut champs 🙁

ASAPmohammed12 says:

Yesterday I went 5-1 and this morning it went to 7-3 and when I played at 6pm and after i went 7-10

Varun Dhawan says:

I agree gameplay sucks at times but in the second clip, you press pass before changing direction. If low agility players were super responsive, people wouldn’t be desperate to trade/spend coins to buy icons. Its FIFA’s business model.

Krys0ll says:

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! FINALLY!!! This is the proof i’ve been wanting to capture for so long. you finally did it. I’m going to share and show this to all them Naysayers that still don’t believe how much FIFA’s gameplay has skewed coded actions that interferes and could potentially disrupt the flow of the user’s input actions. Its almost as if its been placed as a mechanic to favor” human error” as an excuse to realism.As bad touches or misplaced/mistimed passes and tackles happen in real football so why not. But you see these errors happen way WAY to frequent in fifa games . And as this being a competitive game, players would much rather want to have clear and presice gameplay not one ridden with so many errors that we have no control of or randomly generated actions that takes us by surprise. All for what shock value?

AkinDenchWa says:

Im so happy a youtuber has finally acknowledged this because I’ve had this pain for years

corotexTV says:

Thank you so much

Darren Morris says:

I’m with you all the so so pixxxxx off with this game on how it is now.its worse

Jeffrey vdV says:

Best video on youtube about fifa.

LightSoundGeometry Analog Electronics says:

relax inception youre going to give yourself a stroke.

Francis Olorunfunmi says:

Sorry i dont agree it doesnt exist because nepenthez says so

ThirtyTwo Melons says:

EA don’t fix this because they probably have no single idea how to…

jose segura says:

its because is scripted, if you are good enough like inception, you can make it, but if you are a regular player….
Look at the record of regular player, its pretty much even.

Dan Anita says:

For me it’s the same. It happens all the time!

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