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Sweet Geeza says:

They better update career mode

Double AA says:

Roses are red violets are blue I love Dtt he love me too

P45 Andy says:

Shouldn’t be making new game modes when career mode needs to be worked on mire than ever ea need to start listening to what there audience want for once

Umesh Dayah says:

We have manager and player career but not coach or referee

Dmxer says:

What happened with Ronaldo?

Ach El harissi says:

Stadium for ligue 1 and serie A

CreepyGuy. says:

obviously is gonna be a copy and paste like every year… the careers mode will not be touched. Currently they care exclusvely about FUT and how many money they do with this crap

Radoslav Rumenov says:

I think FIFA needs to put some new clubs from around the world like idk Croatia,Greece,Bulgaria etc.

Yahya Junaid says:

For each cover of fifa they should put a team picture of the ucl champions

Dre Don says:

First, revert back to the previous tactic menu, but keep the quick tactics and finally, insert a new “franchise mode” where we build our own club, literally,own kit,sign stadium and we start from scratch

alvaro ferreira says:

River Plate will be PES exclusive… that’s why

LeoMarku TV says:

Also how do u know that this is true

Miguel Sebastian Ayala says:

Erase the handicap

LeoMarku TV says:

Hope they buy camp Nou

Destiny Udeh says:

Watch my last video you’ll be amazed

CinemaniaPro says:

Whats this vertical camera angle? How can i play with the field view where the goals are on top and bottom? Is it available in fifa 18?

Jack Broom says:

Been a fifa player since the first 1 and fifa 19 and eas shit had me move to pes loving all the features they have been playing for only two weeks got gulit cruyff and beckham along with 20 other black balls on fifa iv got 0 icons or team of the years peses only downfall is its abit sluggish shootings is much harder and the skill stick takes a while to get used to and obiously the lack of leauges especially england havent been bk on fifa since the constant interseptions and blocks on fifa and lack of rewards and career mode is a killer

Mister R says:

And New hairstyles please

Daniel Burdusa says:

I hope camp nou

Dank Boi says:

we need a first person camera mode

Jacob Skillicorn says:

i really want more south african teams. we only have 2 teams and that is really annoying


are barcelona renewing contract with EA

Luka Le bervet says:

What is the camera angle at 4:05

alvaro ferreira says:

Video starts at 1:30

Pika MB says:

fifa 19 was the shittest one yet, i won’t be getting this one lelelel it gets worse every year and we still all waste our money on it

Nathan Hill says:


Dave McCullagh says:

Instead of adding why don’t they fix the shit gameplay and bare career and pro clubs modes…

Joed Ricketts says:

What need fixing, player career mode, so much to fix with that, remove accomplishments totally, and let us use points gained from playing matches and scoring goals, to upgrade our player how we want, like i can nvr get to take free kicks and such cuz my rating isn’t high enough so i can never improve those skills . Player creation needs more hairstyles and beards, also tattoos.

Luis360 says:

bro relax fifa 19 liteally just came out

Shea Crozier says:

Your accent is so fucking annoying

CharovatZ says:

Intro song?

Leah Wallace says:

Imagine if mbappe was the cover star of fifa 20
Cause i think he should be the cover star of fifa 20
Like if you agree

Mister R says:

1st person ??????

DjMaddogee says:

They need the usl teams

Abhirup Mukherjee says:

They should fix FIFA 19 gameplay first, too many glitches and gameplay is broken.

William Duhimbaze says:

Ea will not listen to the fans….

jelszokezelo says:

I think most important is faster more fluid gameplay. Career mode needs changes. Classic players classic teams enable in offline mode and career mode if you want.

OV O says:

Stop repeating yourself so much

Francesco Tullini says:

After long time I chose Pes this Year despite Fifa … And It was the best choice I could done!

mahmud reyzan says:

Please ea …..change manager mode please !!!

Tonmoy Das says:

F*** off !

Robert David Ioniță says:

I want to be Romanians ligue liga 1

Total Fifa says:

As a person who has played fifa every year since fifa 2002 I must say that the past few years have been a disgrace!! We are putting money into this…?? Imo fifa 16, 18 and 19 have to be the worst fifas EA have made! Career mode and pro clubs get no attention whatsoever!!! They put our money I to making stuff like the journey which in my opinion was absolutely terrible and so boring!! I’ll be amazed if Fifa 20 is even half decent but sadly after 18 years I am very much being swayed towards PES and I never thought I would have to say that! This is just my opinion and people will agree and disagree with me but I like to speak my mind and I have told EA advisors in the past that there game needs some serious attention so please someone who has EA connections, go give them a kick up the ass because they certainly need it!!!

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