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mcraythyra7 says:

Hey man! Are you going to upgrade to 1080p videos? 720p just isn’t enough these days 🙁

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

I am a student at Uni and my school gives us 100 mb/s up and download speed , on FIFA 18 gameplay was usually decent and playable but now if i play 8 games there is a good chance that all 8 are in horrible gameplay. If I upload a game in what I consider average gameplay can you do an analysis on it? I want to know how bad you think my gameplay is and if its maybe not the gameplay but my mind convincing myself bad gameplay is causing my losses. I love FIFA but my gameplay is so bad that I am thinking about complaining to the IT department in an effort to get more bandwidth or something to improve my connection.

Sranga Fifa says:

8:53 The defenders move like that on previous patch too. When ball gets passed a certain area they push up a little. Very annoying when a player makes a run, ball gets passed and your defenders push up like that.

itz Savio says:

Hey loving the videos inception.

BestsGamerHD says:

Its actually nutty thinking about how good the gameplay could be.

Ian Ward says:

You cant review just one game if you review 10 then you’ll see there’s still alot to be done with this shitty game ai defending and attacking is still random af

Nathan Gray says:

they fixed tackling YESSSSSSSSSSS no more depending A.i . i cannot trust A.I

Jack Whiteman says:

Btw, what formation would you suggest instead of the 442(2)? I tried 4231(2) and I just can’t get chances with it

Abdullah Farooq says:

11:19 whats that skill move?

CoffinHunter81 XD says:

there is absolute no difference ive played about 30 games on new patch now and everyone still uses constant pressure.

Ren says:

didnt change much they need to nerf long range shots and buff close range shots, its basically the same gameplay than before

hassan hadi says:

Inception the gameplay looks awful asf

TNLB says:

14:19 i see that happening in my matches too on PS4

Jakakdsmkwlakdkrmf ALlaodifiajqkdkfjf says:

I honestly can’t belive I’m saying this. But im legit having fun on fifa

Darren Sweetman says:

Timed finishing should not exist

Liquidnando says:

Who da hell is Chad?

ChompaNompa says:

This is what my gameplay is like all the time (am on ps4)

Galactic89FIFA says:

To be fair, this is looking nice because both players actually play with the ball. I don’t know what division this was but I can absolutely promise you, watch a game between two good opponents from Division 2 and upwards where one is solely focused on counters and the imbalance of this patch will become apparent because defensive positioning has NOT been nerfed. So getting a lot of players behind the ball allows you to auto defend better now because there are no passing lanes and finesse shots are weaker. In the opposite direction, counters are now more powerful because pressing is almost impossible in the opponents third. That is what I have seen so far and if this ends up being true the Patch did more harm than good.

Shah Rizwan says:

“He’s just doing it, boom ! boom! you know!” – Inception ,2018.

Zani C0 says:

Lost 3 division rivals matches because ea cut the connection and told me im the one that disconnected..this game keeps frustrating me everyday

Peter Loynes says:

100% agree with your comment at 23:00 he should be able to slide to block the cross/pass. However, the reality is that atm if he slides in that situation he’s almost certainly going to give a Penalty away… so annoying!

Yourboycp says:

I just quit Fifa….been stress free y’all should try it

sam moore says:

I got this already I can honestly say it actually feels better to defend and attack

Ok Say says:

To be honest this game that you are analyzing matches for me. Good gameplay. Except EA should get rid of the Timed Finishing. At one and one situations should be overpowered.

Ricky Kaka says:

time finess is a joke its not meant to be in fifa this type of thing should be in fighting games or whatever

Bilal Afzal says:

I uninstalled Fifa finally. Such a relief.

Rex ijiekhuamen says:

23:20 I’ve been in that situation multiple times. it is literally impossible to defend that with a slide tackle.
the window to tackle that ball is to small and if he had attempted one that defender would’ve slid forward and the pass would go behind him.
It’ll still be a goal.
if he had been a bit behind him then the tackle would take out hazard and that’s a penalty. I’ve conceded a lot of goals like that the only way to block it is to control the defender closest to firmino.
but then there’s the issue of no valid button to intercept a ball.
if you don’t press anything he stands if you press tackle he “MIGHT” do the default tackle animation and maybe his leg intercepts it.

I find it really shocking that there’s no button to intercept a pass in FIFA. it has to be automatic.

Jose Tafoya says:

Anyone know what camera setting the guy uses

Amil Murtic says:

hey somebody answer this quick, does chemistry matter that much? this guy has like 5 players on less than 10 chem and everything looks normal is 6-7 chem enough or?

Raider says:

inception, this guy just used the offside trap from the dpad thats why his defence pushed up

Jack Whiteman says:

Hey man thanks for reviewing again, at around 22nd minute I made a driven pass, not a cross, and yeah the 442 has it’s downs for sure, still trying to find a formation that will work for me haha, that game was super fun btw and it was around noon as well so pretty random

antipativome says:

I play on PC and noyhing changed much.. still tons of AI defending and deflections/passes going to your opponent.

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