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Seff McClarin says:

FIFA has Champions league lessss gettttt ittttt, who thinks Argentina won’t be in the knockout round

Azeb Demissie says:

I love your videos Spain vs Portugal.

SPIZ 0302 says:

Iran vs portugal today could be the best of the tournement

McDuube says:

Intro song? Forget the title flock

Seff McClarin says:

Nigeria V Argentina pleasaseee

Elmer Martinez says:

This my first time watching you and I love your video keep doing great

Jacob gamboa says:

Colombia v Poland

Luke Clark says:


Pernille Hansen says:

The money request was in FIFA 17

Johannes Hauge Sjöstrand says:

And btw, the thumbnail is clickbait man.

Louis Ciesla says:

What is the music from the intro?

Shane Hall says:

Also…clickbait at its finest. Half these aren’t new features, they’re features you want to see. Dick head

Dylan Ansah says:

I hope they made career mode with player have better features like simming games with your player playing those games.

toxickrayons says:

9:00 song?

Liv3rpo8l Fc says:

This is Fifa 18 guys not Fifa 19. DTT is lying

Danny Stewart says:

Man, really pushing for that 10 minute mark in this one aren’t ya?

Luke Abdoveis says:

is it to yet respond please

Ryan Marshall says:

any video that begs for likes at the start will never get a like from me regardless if it were a good video or not.

Karl Garrett says:

You are a boss

ChrisThePleb says:

Juice in the intro. I respect.

Joe Wilson says:

Is there custom corners tbo

MARRY says:


do you push bags says:

cool rap bro lol

EliteTroppen - Norsk Gaming says:

Whats name have your intro song

vG Dukaan says:

Love the idea of creating a club. Always thought that since I started playing Fifa, would be so good. As you progress you get bigger sponsorships to get more money and better kits and move to bigger stadiums. I think it would be amazing.

Jordan Dodson says:

52 million jesus

Vabyo says:

Fuckin video

Shane Hall says:

How much are EA paying you? Lol
If you’re a serious career mode player, you know that a number of things that they promise this year are the exact same promises they had last year, like the way “every team you play is going to feel different” … this was promised last year and didn’t happen at all. Every AI team plays the same. Career mode is dead, not picking the game up this year lol

BlackHawkXXX555 says:

OH My God..They actually put in code to update the UCL wins on kit? Absolute Madlads!!! That’s the kind of stuff I look forward to in a 2018 game.

Every year they say different teams play differently but do they really play differently and have a unique style?

Request funds! great feature of course they had to cut it from FIFA 18 because this feature took too much space on the hard drive and it was too costly to make. I bet transfer budget carryover to next season is still not in the game but this is much better.

Cut scenes!

Ok create your club is a good feature and expanding stadium is also very good. But I bet they make it boring somehow to make CM players play more UT. They do it every year when will you learn.

Anyone who play career mode knows transfer budget not carrying over to the next season instantly kills the game. You sell players make money to buy new players you want, build up a big transfer budget that’s the main attraction of career mode.

Josen Junior says:

Is this confirmed ?

Leorj leo says:

Switzerland vs Brazil

Maverick Beska says:

The intros fire!

Leonel Messi says:

Song name

Zig Marasigan says:

Dude your music is too loud.



Bélinda HAKEM says:

Fuck you salle beatch

Liv3rpo8l Fc says:

This guy is fake

Liv3rpo8l Fc says:

If your gonna do Fifa 19 gameplay actually do it on Fifa 19

Sam Harrison says:

Stupid background music kills the video, impossible to hear what you’re saying clearly when you put the music so loudly.

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