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raedtjr says:

FIFA is scripted!!! change my mine

Saif khan says:

FIFA 19 is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BULLSHIT , I stopped playing it, NO creative goal

C K says:

Is it time for PES? FIFA 19 is fucking done.. Ovvy nailed this review!

1) A.I Defending (Nerf It)
2) Constant Pressure (Neft it – Leave an option but have it on an energy limit or Max usage 10 min a game before your energy is done!)
3) Useless Shielding / No fouls called! Where the fuck is the referee???
4) Near Post Corner Glitch
5) 45th & 90th min Scripting
6) After a 2 goal lead your players fall asleep allowing comebacks
7) Kick off glitch… again, no marking, defensive no intelligence after scoring
8) Timed Finesse, cool feature, but a 70 shooting rated card shouldn’t bang on De Gea because i timed green
9) Corner kick clearances… WHY DO THEY GO TO THE OPPOSITION. 5-10 Corners in a row… are you fucking serious? Until what.. they score?
10) Division Rivals is Cancer… there is no way to enjoy your team online. The daily tournament was fun & easier. And You could play with random cards, and still see results. This Rivals mode is no different that WKND league.

Overall… Im highly disappointed with this product. I thought it would be close to World Cup mode which i enjoyed 100 times more than this ping pong crap. I have 2.5 mil of coins in the bank… My record is 150-20-50… and I fucking hate this game.

Done ranting.. lemmy know if ya’ll agree?

David Eghe says:

It’s also clear that if you have Ronaldo on your team no one in the game can beat him in headers

Karuga Sir. George says:

Gameplay such a whack!!nkt

David Eghe says:

The passing is shite also & the game speed on season is so slow this is by far the worst fifa I’ve ever played..

Jack Dowd says:

Fixing the god damn lag would be a start!!!! The button delay in unbearable. My players do things 10 seconds after I press a button and they turn on their own it’s that. Literally can’t do anything when it’s like that

BenTastic says:

u guys have to check Vizes WL rage compilation with many “Game Changers” inlcuded!!!

David Eghe says:

They should remove the tactics which they brought in this year it’s pointless & makes the game a lot more complicated

Vishwajeet Vibhute says:

There are loads of other glitches too like – formation resets to default at half time and when the gameplay is paused, fifa trainer can’t be turned using R3

Manas Kulkarni says:

FIFA 19 introduces the new “Mood Swings” feature. Now players are programmed to get random mood swings which cause this unpredictable messed up passing and shooting.

BenTastic says:

kick off glitch op

Byrnzie400 says:

Glad I didn’t buy Fifa 19. I’ll wait for Fifa 20 and hope they can iron out all the BS by then.

kenil garcia says:

I agree with this so much, and is stupid bc when you try to control your defenders the ai doesn’t do anything but if you don’t control the defender the ai helps you and gets the ball

Daniel Fleseru says:

Finally…100% agree…I was beginning to think that it only happens to me…and yeah what is their comment about limiting gameplay changes(due to feedback from players-> from whom I ask???) when it’s obvious that are needed. My opinion is that EA is seeing all the issues but they are oriented to win more and more players (so even a weak player has chances) and not to make a game as realistic as possible. I will gladly pay 2 or 3 times the price for the game just to have the chance to play a realistic game.

Episode 13 says:

One on One’s are easy to score, just tap B! It’s about placement! I’ve had no issue with one on one’s!!

Episode 13 says:

Bonucci and Chiellini have scored great volleys in real life, it’s allowed! Come on now!!

Jack Waterhouse says:

EA might watch this but honestly they won’t give a fuck

Cupcake Kayleigh2 says:

ai defending is disgusting this year. My friends response to me complaining is “if its so annoying then do the same let ai defend for you”.. Fifa what has happened since fifa 13?

Episode 13 says:

Low shots seem really good, not had an issue so far???

Episode 13 says:

AI over powered??? WTF??? Really!!

Benjamin Karslund says:

AI defending is not the biggest problem. It’s all the assists. Make everything full manual controlled. Passing, shooting everything.
THAT is true skill-gap.

Dwayne Fernandes says:

Ok so I tend to play 4-2-4 formation to start so I can fit the players I want in my team. I switch from the pre sets to 4-1-2-1-2 but some how on defense my players default back to the original formation.. has anyone experienced that? It’s so damn annoying

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