HOW TO DAB AND SCORE GOALS! | FIFA 18 Pro Clubs Gameplay

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metalboxinc says:

Just bought a gold foil thonk….. Now waiting for gold foil Peuseybusta

Simon TheDigger says:

I love these videos, I could have never imagined how decent you guys are becomning at this game

M10GASUs - says:

Watching them play is like watching a game of sunday league.

Only 1 says:

Gold foil.. phone?

YogiCeCoki says:

You guys actually played well this game. GG

Felipe Senna says:


hi00118 says:

Took me like 6 minutes to realize g18 was playing with them

pghdave420 says:

gj crew

nobody cares says:

Side, whenever you have a player on you hold Lt to use your body as a meat shield

Kyson 98 says:

Does D20 have manual shooting?

cat funt says:

can you and them stop spamming B when shooting? also when u want a header.

ItzJackTV says:

Side is too op for Pro clubs with that Afro

Keaffan James says:

Tricky says:

Love it Side :D!!

Arthur Curry says:

Look well, play good

Philip Nye says:

Game volume louder pls


Sidearms Privileged


FIFA in real life???

Deathless says:

GG.. The game audio was way too low though sounded awkward..

Exile ExE says:

I love seeing the Crew progress in games *DAB..DAB.DAB…DAB*

Peter Griffin says:

These fifa videos are my favorite, I hope you guys keep playing it for a while.

Blushing Crow says:

Dab on me dad

Ryan Hartigan says:

0:46 that slide tackle was insanely impressive

Jake Powers says:

Side ur my favorite youtuber keep being great and making great content
Where the fuck I Am

Hazzlez says:

D20 is the kante of this team

Andrew ahmad says:


DeciduousMonkey says:


JuanPablo says:

Side pls show your points in the video so we can see how your doing in the division.

John Hurst says:

I love these

Jake Davison says:

These are my favourite videos at the moment!

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