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Sandun Abeyratne says:

Side, I fuckin love you dawg! Your videos always help lighten my mood. Keep on doing you.

Aladino Asbury says:

the freeze is LT and flick the left stick up

jeef berky says:

Side! Record league of Legends with G!!

Stan Elwick says:


New England Deflatriots says:

you guys should play nhl they have a gamemode like this

DFC - FIFA Gameplay and Tutorials says:

the reason why you’re more likely to concede after scoring is because of a thing called “kick off boost”

Patrick Kane says:

When Speedys fifa character looks exactly like him

W says:

Side, don’t park the bus because your defence sits back too much and doesn’t put enough pressure on the ball when the other team go to shoot, so they sometimes score. Defensive would be better.

John Hurst says:

When everyone laughs it’s so good

Last King says:

Red and green jerseys for Christmas

whoisjoeyy says:

Watching this high is THE greatest thing dude! Took me so long to recover xD

Mads Andersen says:

Dude, Side. Every game you guys play is the funniest FIFA game ever!

Glauco Nascimento says:

hey, the mannequin challenge celebration is ‘Hold LT and Right Stick up’! good video btw! you guyes are awesome

Richard Ananiev says:

side theres an actual manneqiun challenge celebration

Justin Murray says:

His fuckin’ fingers! XD

Ryan Brown says:

Drink everytime side laughs

Verified Thug says:

I can’t sleep after that dzo wiggle

Simon Brock says:

Side please play pez you can fake fall in the game(dive) and its so funny

Hunter DeVoto says:

Did y’all make your uniforms look like Patrick on purpose

itachirules25 says:

Lebron! I’m doing the Le~ wait how did I get here I was doing the lebron-ing
lmao fifa and its glitches

Jack O'neil says:

The classic Beatzsigh at the end.

PlayzieBum says:

Side. There’s a glitch that makes you score more on kickoffs, this is why you always concede after you score.

BFMert says:

Hahahahah D20 getting frozen was the funniest shoit ever

Ольга Смолінська says:

catch code @Babic for easy way to your lucky drop ahaha XD hurry up to use it today. get extra $10 for your hobby, bro

Steve Tec // StevieThaBulletGhost says:

Yo side press the shoot button to strip away the ball from the opposing team when you get close to them. You can body them too

itachirules25 says:

Don’t touch me you’re not under 14 ~ fucking shadow xD

Nitrous211 says:


Tyler Wells says:

Anybody who uses the any should suffer the same fate that sayori did

itachirules25 says:

Mannequin challenge done right lmao

hi00118 says:

Tony mah motherfucker

Rajujas says:

That bug… best thing I’ve ever witnessed in FIFA!

Only 1 says:

I love these videos

xMatado says:

In IRL soccer 5 mins after a team scores are a half starts is the most likely time for a goal, thats prob why you get scored on so often after a goal

Andy Axon says:

Side, holding LT while moving keeps your player facing the ball and allows for a bit more precse movement 🙂

HeresToUsTX says:

anyone else think side and speedy might be the gays because their favorite colors are pink and you know what they say >.>

Godkid28 says:

That’s a big claim you are making with that title…

edit: upon review, its aight

Cooper Vellis says:

Dude doki doki is scary…. keep playing it

ReVolt Javis says:

There’s fifa momentum that why u guys get tied on

Tom Cosgrave says:

To do the freeze celebration you need to hold LT and hold the right joystick up

Kyle G says:

You guys should check out the pro clubs mode on NHL 18. It’s really good this year

Mr J says:

Try doing B then A, to fake shot.

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