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Dmofighter Batman says:

WOW, looks just like every other fifa game!! Can’t wait!!

Whatever you want me to be called says:

The game looks sooooooo smooth

Matthew Cooper says:

If you look at the crowd on the left behind the goal as he scores, they all charge to the front of the stands. Nice feature

Mariusz Wachowski says:

2:22 Fifa 18 ??? Fifa 05 !!!

Alec Cooke says:

The camera celebration will be in the game because it happens earlier in the video

Martinator84 says:

Why can’t ALL the team be involved in celebrating. There’s just a random playing walking while their team scored.

Scrufty22Gaming says:

I hope all the more immersive stadium features apply to ALL stadiums and games not just Madrid at the Bernabau, Utd at Old Trafford etc. I want that level of ‘immersivity’ (probs not a word) when i do a career mode with Rangers or Forest Green Rovers in League 2. Also new generic stadiums would be vital to some career modes otherwise its just the same place over and over

Game Thor says:

Do we have something about career mode??

Radu Cristian says:

@OfficialMgh would be great if in fifa 18 career mode you could choose the clubs you want to loan your players to.  @EASPORTS

YoungV Sinatra24 says:

This fifa will be funny and it won’t stop getting funnier until fifa 19 comes out

TruScottishGuy says:

Gameplay looks better than FIFA17. FIFA 17’s gameplay is awful.

Walter White says:

Crappy gameplay

cp3 says:

when are we getting career mode news?

suko hassan says:

This looks really good , cant wait

fempo boomy says:

Lol, i’m done with Fifa

nino0057 says:

Scripting 18 should be great this year.

Iman Kassem says:

This actually looks like pes Lol

Jeff Roberts says:

Hope they add new game faces

Nicklas Ander says:

Took a while for fifa to do what pes did 5 years ago! No but seriously, I love the animation of ronaldo. That is what fifa has been lacking I feel. Would be cool if they also made teams play differently so you could feel the difference between playing for example bayern o real madrid. Can’t wait for fifa 18 🙂

Jose Navarro says:

Pro club any new features?

Feezy Meeky says:

what about the commentary? hopefully they have Spanish etc besides English hmmm

Loco algo says:

Counter attack did allways work ! its fifa

Ricky Murray says:

Counter attacking gameplay = what I hate about FIFA!

Sebastian says:

dont talk bitch mgh

EssexPros says:

Wiping eas ass ain’t you Matt

jacquest says:

animations look shit. restrictive as always. if you had fifa 17 and buy this you’re a mug! probably won’t be any career mode changes either

yavuz turk says:

Better scenes better title celebration better fans seem like it will be same like 17

Whatever you want me to be called says:

The game looks sooooooo smooth

MyGamingHeaven says:

The question is will it support 4K

Skank Hunt says:

Celebration is dopeee

Simon Diable says:

There is no difference between this and FIFA 17

Yves Nelissen says:

The goal looks like shit and the sponsors left and right the goal Also looks like shit

Jordan Allen says:

Everyone bitching in the comments already has it pre ordered…


Do they do a release of stadiums also what stadiums are in

ElanAnimate says:

I’m a PES player but damn, the graphics and presentation of FIFA are miles ahead.
FIFA graphics look high-end and PES graphics looks cheap/average.
The kits in FIFA looks like a real clothe.

I know PES is all about gameplay but if they want to attract more FIFA gamers, they should step up their graphics and presentation.
People like to play games that are also nice to look at.

Owen1516 says:

not surprising to see la liga graphics

XxbabaxX baba says:

the game is stil the same shit

Matthew Waywell says:

Any news on career mode anything new ?

Hager Ace says:

3:22 Look at grass…

dopemcee says:

lemme guess..they just ocpy and paste the same ol tired commentaries that have been in the fifa series since like 2014??
thats what really annoys me. Fifa at its core isnt really gonna change all that much..but atleast work on the atmosphere a bit so it seems like a new game..but you give us the exact same commentators saying the exact same thing from the past 2 fifa’re telling me you cant even have these guys do a voice over to add or say new things?
My name is ALEX…pretty common name..but when i play with my pro player i have to select a name like alec or something like that because somehow, there isnt a single player in the soccer called alex. GPS devices have had ways to pronounce(badly but still do) anything you type…yet a powerful computer program cant find a way to pronounce/announce your proplayer name. You have to keep your fingers crossed that somehow they’ll have it prerecorded.
im just disappointed in fifa year and after year…unfortunately they have us by the throat cuz we are forced to pick it up.

Chelseafandan says:

MGH.. Can’t you just ask EA for a job, I’m sure they’ll make room for 1 person to work on career mode for the future of the game.
Ea it’s not only the online game modes the fans plays.
FUT is full of players with pase nd counter attacks, we just want to play football against Rival teams, Rival players. REALISM!

Alex K says:

I hate these commentators lol, we need more options.

Jordan Taylor says:

much did they pay you to orgasm over Ronaldo?

Hanks son says:

This looks like a fast pes game and the goal is the same as pes need to change that

RamiroFarias1 says:

0:31 wtf is that? Why is Kroos moonwalking?

Trent Manucho says:

why only 720p????

Arturo Miranda says:

we all know mgh is gonna love those new crossing animations 😉

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