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David Cucuteanu says:

Don’t ever apologize man, I hope EAids will hear us out and change this cancerous game. I promise you the number one reason I’m gonna get depression this year will be because of this. Every damn year it’s like going back to the abusive partner.

ThingTV says:

Yo Inception, I don’t think you’re being toxic even though I disagree with the claim that this game is worse than FIFA18. I feel like 19 actually has more potential to be balanced and fair than previous versions, but I also think that you and the guy whose twitter post you read have some really valid points. I don’t want them to completely nerf defending AI to the point where your defenders aren’t intercepting anything at all, however maybe they anticipate passes on the player’s behalf a little too well. They AI shot blocks can be a pain too (unless you’re defending). The broken bicycle kicks are definitely a problem. But they also need to BOOST defensive AI when it comes to defending crosses otherwise they will just end up nerfing the crossing. I don’t wanna suddenly be playing bad crosses because crossing is too OP so they nerfed it, I would rather my opponent’s defense have more of a realistic chance of defending them instead. They shouldn’t be getting beaten because even though the player pressed the clearance button they tried a flatfooted header for no good reason instead of jumping for the ball so my 5’5″ Insigne (who is standing behind him) gets his head to it instead, that’s just textbook bad defending.

So I think that if they make the correct minor adjustments that this game could be MUCH better than 18, but it depends how they go about it. What I want out of this game is probably different to the next guy. I love that on-ball speed is considerably slower than off-ball speed (even though it affects me negatively when my attacker is through on goal). Timing knock ons so that you can get an extra burst of speed to shake the defender but without knocking the ball close enough to the keeper that he can easily come out and collect it is a legitimate skill this year. To me that is a good thing. Having skill gaps that reward decision making and tactics, rather than just hand eye co-ordination and muscle memory is a good thing, but I agree that they probably haven’t found the right balance yet.

So even though I’m enjoying FIFA 19 overall more than last year’s game, I DEFINITELY still think it has MANY flaws and that EA should try to take on board the concerns of players like yourself, I just hope they can find that sweet spot where players who are enjoying it and players who are not can be content (if not completely happy) with the state of gameplay once they’ve patched a few key things. Each year they release a game that is broken for some but enjoyable for others and by the end of July they leave us with a Frankenstein patchwork that is broken for everyone.

At this point I don’t envy EA or the FIFA community. This looks like a tough one to navigate without pissing off a lot of people.

P.S. All the best with your channel, keep doing what you do.

SmashedCapper says:

Thank you for keeping it real. These Gamechangers are the problem.

Jalil Fly says:

I think fifa wants the game to be more fun like FIFA 14 and stuff with long shots / bicycles and stuff like that

ThoGrey says:

Dude one video you tell fifa 19 was fine and only the bicycle kicks and headers are broken and know you tell that the game is worse than fifa 18. Dude you just did a bad Weekend League, that’s it.

martcambs says:

I’m glad I’m not alone

firestarterr123 says:

fifa 19 is a joke, every corner ends with a bicycle kick goal, fifa the realistic soccer game huh? yeah..

Luizz V says:

I dont think fifa will get better, its been downhill since fifa 16

Matt Deez nuts says:

These kids that abuse ai defending with constant pressure is what triggers me the most and crosses/corners and bounces after tackles if bey fixed that I would enjoy the game a lot more

bonoplayer99 says:

11:26 Just to clear things out mate, in PES, YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY for all of those things you’ve just said. I think you still don’t know how PES really works.

Jerry Neutron says:

Low drivens are atrocious in this game, half the time they look like crosses to the back post, so frustrating

The Kazoku says:

It’s true this game is by far the worst for a skill gap ,I’ve played fifa online since 07 and been good on all of them and had years which help my play style like 18 for me was best for playing nice fluid passing football then 2014 was crossing fest with others being pretty balanced too and having meta broken things you can put up with ,But Imo 18 was easy to break down people who did not defend with proper use like this year went back too 17 with ai and added a little more too ,Like defenders of the years have been so static when not selected and tbh it’s was fair as we can only have 1 played selected at a time and I’m happy of the block a stupid shot or pass but if I build up and best his selected players and get 1v1 after a key play I deserve to have a chance and that’s also a huge issue is finishing being so poor even after years of being a prolific goal scorer not bragging either I would easy score in box 8/10 and I felt like if I’m in a opponent’s box I have earned my chance have just me and a keeper which tbh should not be good to make rng less impact on skill ,To and my huge story I say this is going to be the true fifa for anyone to be good and not admire true skill and learning to a game this basic stuff like ai defend and op crossing is a step back as in real football teams that pass on the floor will find more successful chances than teams that sit back and look to cross every chance they get like stoke for example don’t play nice passing or have very clinical style of play so they get a bad record of games then you get man city with great play style and get results and stats to prove that playing intricut football is far more superior than long ball that is mindless football tbh hopeful football i call it,Great video and I hope fifa fixes these issues when it’s early so I can just play fifa how I think it’s meant to be not spam corners and hold 1 player as I refuse to play any way like that I’ll always play the true way and play to pass with purpose and enjoy fifa like I enjoy football

Viv Lucky says:

its fucked..

Dom Last says:

Everyone that got early access said this year was going to be the best year and then they released FIFA 19. EA and Konami should really just make a game togeather because Konami is incompetent of making a good menu and EA are incompetent of making good game play.

Bakos says:

Agree with you all the way.
Just a quick note about PES.
You can get any player you want in PES and you can play with any formation you want in MyClub. You are a rookie and it’s ok but do not judge a game you don’t know.
Also PES has a team level filter in MyClub so i don’t think is a pay to win as you’ve said.
Greetings from Greece.

Bhavesh Kahane says:

i just watched many GORILLA streams on twitch
96 R9 misses finesse shots inside box 1 on 1
proof of EA AIDS watch his stream

Matt Deez nuts says:

The goal at 7:15 is just fucking ridiculous in a bad way

Tito Henriquez says:

I draw so much in this game. I average over 10 shots a game. Shooting is terrible! I try to put power on my shots and they just like it and the ball feels like it rolls on mud so slow

M M says:

PES 2019 > FIFA 2019

Hand Solo says:

Very appreciate your honesty. It’s rare in these times.

fifa sbc says:

Agree with every point u made there is no skill gap in this game I don’t think any patch can fix this mess already thinking about moving over to pes my friends already have

SmashedCapper says:

I can recall when I was a noob at Fifa, you cant break down the box so you rely in outside the box shots, you rely on rebounds … this game is just catered to those noobs. This game is not right. Fifa is dying, Fifa 19 sales are down 25% and I’m most likely not getting Fifa 20 because this game is so shit. Sell short on EA Sports fellas.

TheInfamousTroll says:


ImTheGreatest says:

i love the gameplay.. fifa19 is so far good.. may trigger good players…?% maybe 2% of all players…all the regular normal or bad players get now goals and they can now enjoy the, good fifa player guys(?) need some practice and time to get good with even this gameplay..

CXS1181 says:

Hearing this shit makes me very happy about my decision to boycott FIFA/EA

Kris Wizz Ultraz says:

We are living so desperate times so PLEASE reach out Captain arrogance!…
Sorry I meant Kurt0411…
FIX fifa gameplay together 19.

Flame says:

This is 100% true.. icons can finish from impossible angles so easily every shot while 90 finishing cards that aren’t high rated can’t score a simple tap-in, then there’s a real hidden stats problem favoring P2W. I miss when you could actually beat expensive teams while having a lower rated team, not being handicapped by EA to force you into getting fifa coins. Definitely my last fifa game purchased if they don’t patch this.

maxnbm says:

I play co op season and think its really fun

Helter Skelter says:

Its such a backward game, its easier to do a rainbow flick while running than performing a standing tackle.
Anybody that plays football can see how absurd that is

Patrick Healey says:

No speak out this game is dog shit please speak out cause none of those half ass YouTubers sucking EAs cock all the time and don’t speak out for what’s best for the game makes it worse. We need you I love what FIFA can be the potential is there. But the gimme style of ai is disgusting and allows people with no skill to achieve things. Please keep fighting this games is terrible and without a voice we can’t do anything about it. Thank you!!

Despacito 2 says:

please post this to reddit as well so more people see this

Franco Brisco says:

Please hace a look at Kurt’s ( FIFA Pro player) video

meu02136 says:

Completely agree. Lost to a guy that ran down the wing and crossed all game. He scored 3 crosses. Had a guy scored a bicycle kick from a corner with Benatia.

Brock Glover says:

Pes shits all over fifa this year. I’m from Aus though and can’t get games in pes anymore. Means I’m stuck with the big pile of turd that is fifa 19

The Asperger Gamer says:

Mate, check my channel. I have been playing FIFA like the guy you mentioned and I still lose some insane games. I will upload some gameplay soon. I was winning 3-1 in min 85 and I missed a 1v1 and next thing you know the opponent scores 3 goals … So, I was able to defend the entire game and then I suddenly start being trash? Bullshit … Then, I barely won against a PTB bitch. 75% possession and 20+ shots! Scored the winner in min 90! Ohhhhh, do not get me started on input delay and the other bs!

Edit: Mate, chill out! You’re not toxic if you speak the truth! I don’t get why people are seen as toxic when they give an honest opinion on something! It’s toxic to let corporations take the piss!

SmashedCapper says:

I hate the current build of the game. You have my full support good sir.

David Ayton says:

Am laughing but its not even funny coz its all true,this is the worst fifa i have even played,passing is awful,shooting even worse,make tackles bounces bk to them over and over,player switchings wrecked,is this a fucking dream what is happening.

Gerben G says:

I got gold this weekend, ive never done that before and im really happy, but i did it with 2 mediocre teams with different formations and tactics, so although im happy that should not be possible for a silver player like me…

The Robot says:

Gameplay in the background is really different than your commentary. You break the defence down all the time and score easy goals from close range.
I do agree with you, but that gameplay doesnt go with the point you’re trying to make.

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