FIFA World Cup 2018 Co-op Gameplay

Let’s have our own World Cup 2018!
Play With us at Wembley on 3rd June #TeamTekkerzkid Vs #TeamRomello WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON?

Enter here:
Sign up to be on Team Tekkerz kid –
Sign up here to be on Team Romello –

So Today we play the new Fifa 18 World Cup game mode. Tekkerz Kid and Romello play co op gameplay through the Fifa tournement with England!

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Zachary Mottram says:

i really want to go but i am on holiday

Nevan Rea says:

Does anyone now if they are playing yet

Marley Driscoll says:

When do you announce how has won the competition

Coolstlye kid Mate says:

I meat you at wembley and I was so socked infact my goses were dropping

Ali Mirzai says:

I haven’t got the email yet as well

Lewis Searle-Cook says:

Whose got an email to play 2m

conor conor says:


Захао чемеков says:

Лайк если ни чё не понимаешь в их словах, но все равно смотришь

Jayash Clark says:


Harley Lee says:

Pls me me me


What time will this event be happening because me and my brother would love to come
Could someone plz let me know asap coz my brother has a football match on the same day

Sabahat Akhtar says:

Team tekkerz kid is the best

Oliver Shipley says:

Subscribe to me plz

OPvlogs says:

Does anyone know if the emails have been sent out?

Harry Pearce says:

Can I play for team tekkerz kid because loreno will win with me on his team

Mustafa Shaban says:

Team tekkerz kid is the best

kouminy 123 says:


Dark Seth JR says:

Please can I be on TEKKERZ kid s team at wembley

Marianna Gignal says:

You equal face palm

Marianna Gignal says:


DL. Gaming says:

Will you do a video on your xbox gamertag

donzy wenx says:

Please I am begging subscribe to my channel, I only have 30

Kid Football says:

Can we still enter? ( plz reply )

Chengetai Nyandoro says:

im going but what time is the football match

Daniel Mendy says:

Tekkerz kid you and your family are one of the best familys in the world

Daniel Navaro says:

T team

DL. Gaming says:

Please like share subscribe and turn on the notification bell to be notified every time I upload

Adam Ragdou says:


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