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Jordan Lawler says:

Your player looks so sexy

RoroeDaBoss says:

The over the top through balls, it’s L1 I think that’s LT? And Y

Ryan Fry says:

If you hold lb and press y you’ll do that chip pass

Jeroen Fennema says:


mateo Cabrera says:

Do 1v1 bruh

cheet0bomb says:

press b button on xbox to clear feller

brockman3353 says:

Shadow and slide tackling are the best parts XD

Ryan Nguyen says:

love these fifa vids keep them coming!

Viktor nikiforovski says:

I imagine side to look like that guy from apple pen

Pabs says:

When you dribble. You have to hold the LT button and use the right stick to do moves. If you dont hold the LT, and you use the right stick, its only good if youre on a breakaway because your player will kick the ball ahead of him

Zohib Iqbal says:

My good sir Soidarms, play more comedy night!!

Foxx Games says:

Ay Side! Another tip, if you change your pro height to around 5″9 or 5″8 he will have more stamina, faster sprint speed and is better overall. Also having a tall player to cross can be helpful but crossing is 50/50 in this game! Have a good day

Subi WRX says:

Do a 1 vs 1. Side vs speedy

Jac_Edwards 15 says:

Get vikk to play with you guys

Jelle Cuyt says:

Goalie Shadow 😀

Tyler Grimes says:

more with shadow

Zaeem Aamir says:

Keep doing it with Shadow

Wiser11 says:

Ahhhhhhh I missed ShadowBeatz do much!!

Biscuit says:

Side I will give u some good dick if you pin me 😉

Mason Messenger says:

Side, if you want to do skill moves with the right stick you need to stop sprinting (let go of rt)

Aaron says:

play 2K together

mateo Cabrera says:

LB and X to chip or LB and Y

Carl Mcconville says:

Pres y or lb y better passing

dreyna604 says:

Dont be scared to launch the ball! Youll be surprised!

Crazyell says:

Have they scored yet?

CookieKing _ says:

They never score

Sanctuary fam says:

Left bumper triangle or y

SKY2Quick says:

Press triangle to do good passes

DailyLama12 says:

I’m over here fucking the goalie

Grumpy Slugzzz says:

Cross the ball and a lob pass is hold x for the desired amount of time, also a stretch pass (where you lead the guy out) is y. Hope this helped

Ghandi says:

The passes you’re talking about at around 3:30 is LB+Y not X

Jeroen Fennema says:


jose nolasco says:

Side hold LB and triangle for a better pass to a player that is far in front of you

2Gruvalizer9 says:

Hold left trigger or l2 when headering for a power header

Only One says:

The passes you are talking anout is LB + Y

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