FIFA Mobile Golden EGG Neymar Gameplay! And Golden Egg Neymar Giveaway CLOSED!

After pulling the Golden Egg Neymar it is time for some gameplay with the FIFA Mobile Golden Egg player! And also a very special giveaway! See below for full rules:

How to enter:

To enter the giveaway you need to comment on the above video, with the player you would make a golden egg for! Only comments on this video will be considered, all comments that adhere to the YouTube policies will be considered, but only one comment per entrant!

Determination of winners:

After the contest end date, all valid entries will be given a number based on the order received. These entries will then be placed into a random number generator that will determine the winners

Official Rules:

• Other than your YouTube, and FIFA Mobile user ID I will not collect any personal information. DO NOT; under any circumstance PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION FOR THIS GIVEAWAY
• One entry per person
• Must have a FIFA Mobile account to receive the prize
• Prize will be awarded within one week of their acceptance
• The entrant must claim the prize within 24 hours of the winning announcement.
• If a prize is not claimed within 24hours, another name will be drawn.
• Duplicate entries will be deemed invalid and removed.


(1) Golden Egg Neymar Card

None of the above prizes hold any cash value, as they are all in game content for the FIFA Mobile game.

Contest start and end times:

The contest will begin at 11:00am MT on Saturday May 14, 2017, and will end at 8:00PM MT on Monday May 15th, 2017. All entries that fall outside this time frame will be deemed invalid.

Additional Limitations:
• Any entries or entrants that go against the YouTube guidelines, or terms of service will be removed; If you are unsure if your entry satisfies the guidelines, or terms of service you can visit the links below;
• Any entries that do not follow the rules as stated above will be deemed invalid

Community Guidelines
Terms of Service

YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest and users should release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest.

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sam li says:

99 Beckham would be awesome

amer amer says:

please give me this player 99!!not the best but it still good

Sitangshu Roy says:

fifa mobile username:KUZURI98366

Mahmoud Hosny says:


StickAlone says:

my LW is 78 ovr and i dont have reus so Neymar would be good!

Kshitij Sawant says:

buffon card

Ben Peter says:

Paulo Dybala

Wedlox Gamer says:

I would made a 99 Marcelo

Slipery God says:

I woud make Aubameyang a golden egg player.

B3gL1 S says:

I would love him.I am not gonna be like oh I love you.I subbed long ago at Toty or even before.I would want him but it’s up to you

WarriorNation 24/7 says:

Varane please!!!!!!! 99 would be amazing

Mobile gamer says:

Pogba 99 ovr golden egg CM position with
sprint speed 98
acceleration 96
shooting 110
position 112
heading 99
free kick 106
finishing 94
reaction 101
short passing 104
ball control 116
long shot 120
long passing 106
tackling 87
marking 86
dribbling 110
crossing 94
shot power 96
this is the golden egg player that i would made if ea let me

Slugterr 27 says:

i want a 99 St zlatan

Vishnu Nair says:


sahaya jude Dhas says:

Robben 99 +3 sprint speed +2 marking

Indo Gaming HD says:

anjeng boret kau stopde Mak suhak

Rishmoni Fashions says:

I would go with Peter Cech or Mesut Ozil or maybe even Coutinho

Mati69 says:

3:30 Gra z polakiem :DDD

Anuj Meena says:

let’s go stopde dog…#GOLDEN EGG#STOPDE#DOG

Rishav choudhuri says:

I would go with Luka Modric or Alexis Sanchez.

Haitham says:

i would create a sergio ramos or a dybala

Richard Joseph says:

ronaldo 99 ST

No Name says:

Can I have that Neymar if not that’s cool.

Kevin Amarillas says:

Do FIFA Facebook accounts work

WonPause says:

I would choose dybala to make him a 99rated golden egg player with ACC+3 FIN+3

#Bhavith 11 says:

stopde I would choose Neymar because he is my favorite player………….

Jason Arcuri says:

I would have done Morris, but then he turned our to be a golden egg

Football Enthusiasts says:

my golden egg would be aubameyang

vytAlpha says:

My card would either be Fernando Torres or Couthinho

xGl1tch says:

I would choose Olivier Giroud he would have 200 shooting with a speed boost for French players!! FIFA MOBILE Gamer tag: GlitchKix

Vaibhav Awasthi says:

i need him he’s frigging awesome though i know i won’t get him but worth a try….my username – imvbv

Stefan Banika says:

I would have made a cdm Steven Gerard with plus 3acc And plus 3 marking to all

MBS Gamer says:

I would choose Dybala +3 SPD and +3 SHO. He is my favourite Argentine player. Golden Egg Neymar lets go!!!!!

Jensen Loh says:

I will make Pogba with the golden egg

Julian Martinez says:

Can I get the 99 Neymar I need it he’s my favorite player because that’s the only player that I only want

Arghya Bera says:

i want messi as golden egg player

Vinko Brtan says:

I would make Golden 99 Suarez with +1 shot power and +2 strength

shariq khan says:

if iget that card i am ona mad

Lipanj Dóna says:

I will go with Ozil for 99 overall player I mean he is a beast!!!!!!

Fauzy Sanusi says:

i wish i could get cristiano ronaldo as my golden egg player.but i can’t cause i have no fifa points to buy the packs.:(

Naruto HD says:

I need a league which has finished or is close to Mata and Pirlo
Name – PhelonG27
Squad OVR – 92
Team OVR – 90

mellowd says:

i have a real weak team.please give me the neymar

Wayne Afonso says:

I would prefer pogba

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