FIFA Mobile 19 vs PES Mobile 19 ~ Gameplay, Graphics, Player Faces and Everything you need to know

PES 19 MOBILE vs FIFA 19 MOBILE. Let’s compare the two and see which game is better in terms of graphics, gameplay, player faces, packs, market and everything else.






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krishna more says:

FIFA is completely depending on events not pes so they don’t need to make events

ZapModGamer says:

I know Pes is better but it take way more storage than fifa…


Bro you forgot one thing that pes has commentary and FIFA doesn’t

OmarGamer -MineCraft says:

ohh moe goad

SuperGamer 05 says:

How do you have season reward pack? And fifa is a good game but EA ruined it because they only want cash

Harshath NJ says:

There isn’t any comparison
Pes is miles ahead…..

Only reason why one would pick fifa is for licensed teams but in this fifa you can’t even choose the kit with which you play with……

Pes is just better in every aspect than a game in which all people do is shoot snowballs , give up on sleep and backpass in online matches.

Sparsh Asmit says:

Great video

Raghav 24 says:

For outro music put the original crab dancing music

The Mob says:

Basically FIFA is only good if u spend on the game with many missing things like commentary, manager mode etc
Whereas PES mobile is much better giving a brilliant commentary system which was done brilliantly by PETER fucking Drury and Jim Beglin, I love that PES have Removed the energy system this year giving us unlimited matches, market can fuck off in FIFA mobile because what’s the point if ur players disappear at the end, where as in PES ur whole team gets carried forward and if some player is removed u get a replacement of a player with similar level, in short FUCK FIFA MOBILE until they bring back 14/15 style

Debasish Ghosh says:

If fifa had add commentary.

It would be the God of football

Pro Lmntrix Gamer16 says:

Try pubg mobile

Boomerang Pro says:

I have never played Pes but hv watched some of my friends playing that. In my opinion Fifa is better coz as u said the wholesome and the event system makes the game connected to real world more + another imp aspect that PES is a very huge app for being a mobile game, well thats also not a prob coz nowadays most smartphones can easily handle it but while comparing these two , FIFA has a very small app and the interface also being so cool, why should we go for PES 🙂

Fut Force says:

Common how can we compare a 70mb game with a 1.3 GB game


For me futfreak in pes you can get any player in pack opening and in fifa you can get any player in the market.

Aniket Sinha says:

Bro u can buy scouts through auction

Pekka Gamer says:

Almost 50k subs

The Mob says:


Aman Jha says:

Lets not promote Fifa Mobile more because the more we play that shit,the more EA takes away Fifa 14 stye game from us.
Fifa Mobile not even inch as compared to PES.
I want Fifa to get back to basics of Fifa 14 and bring a fucking good game.
Imagine the presentation of Fifa+gameplay of PES

Abhradeep Sarkar says:

How ya doing bro

Doge Is Pro says:

Pes is not good at free kick and penalty

ItzJustTyler says:

Both are best and amazing


FIFA MOBILE is 300mb and PES MOBILE is 1.3mb. You can’t compare them

allen David says:

You also may compare the player ratings and also celebrations

Sougata Nandy says:

One thing i must say, that fifa is more owner friendly and money friendly. Because u see that EA has ownership of mostly everything in fifa.. so think for the cost. Simply fifa won’t pay that for you so you can play well while you are playing free of cost….. EA knows business very well.

Whereas, if pes would be in place of fifa, then the things would might be similar to each other…….

But i must admit, pes has better graphics and gameplay than fifa. But ea is better in Extras section of the game…. so depends on you.

And one thing i think everyone will agree, fifa is more of time-consuming and kinda headache to the player. Where pes doesnt gives you much stress if you dont want to take by yourself.
Because fifa makes it like you have to play the game for at least 10 minutes every 8hrs. A day but more. So you have to focus everything of you in the game, and trust me, i was an FTP player but things gone so worst for me that even i had to go to a psychiatrist. So now things are upon you. For me, pes is better in the view of that, fifa 17 mobile season 1….

Fifa has lost its glory.

Pasqualino Colarusso says:

This is my opinion : Fifa this year has done a good thing with this new graphic system but it’s not really funny gameplay, the funny thing of fifa are the events, but after three years playing events it’s become boring and almost all things are p2p, icon, boxing day, new year event, it was good idea put all player tradable, but an icon cost 10 million is too much. The bad thing is that there’s so much difference from p2p and f2p some player are already 110 + OVR one month from the game release. And why every month the vsa attack and H2H doesn’t reset the fans?. This is the reality unfortunately the game is dying, and how you said on Twitter There is no longer that desire and waiting to play for the release of the new event. Pes is different, the graphic fantastic the gameplay so beautiful when you play you feels really good, the problem is that there aren’t much events. I PLAY FIFA SINCE 2015 and now I really considering to switch from fifa to pes.

sick boi says:

You can change to ANY kit in PES
User information-scroll down to model team and select your kit & I think FIFA has only 10-12 kits

AS10 xd says:

pes dosnt play well in my device so fifa win

Dragon World says:

FIFA 19 Mobile for graphics and Pes 2019 Mobile for gameplay..

svas 17 says:

You forgot about energy system

Majestic Rafi says:

Pes has become boring day by day There is not any new stuffs like fifa Pes maybe better in gameplay but fifa is way better in players faces and graphics if you play on a device like s9+ fifa has League where you can communicate with your friends day by day they become a part of your life fifa players play together win together and loss together You also have the real life effects like Totw, Matchups which is yet not available in fifa 19 Then champions league SBCs!!! and crazy freeze and new year event also the vs attack is awesome. we also have leaderboard not only in vs attack but also in Head to Head you can also train your players and every player has his own skill boost And the best thing is Market it is a 70 mb game so can’t do more than this how can they add commentary in 70 mb??? so stop saying nonsense things

FutFreak says:

What game do you like more and why?

I would love to know 🙂

Samarth Theman says:

I smashed my like button and broke my tablet

Tech Ladder says:

You are Indian right i also a gamer bro I want some help from you please reply

Debansu Bhadra says:

Do a video on how to build cheap la liga squad with best stats possible

Hirok. D says:

Why Indian player not available in Fifa mobile

tran nhan minh quan says:

I can’t even try pes cuz device not compitable rip

Kleo Braholli says:

FutFreak awesome vid. I installed Pes 19 Mobile and it opened loaded a little bit and said “This action can’t be completed. Please try again”. Help FutFreak can you tell me what does this mean?

Rahib Alam. says:

fifa is the best

yacksen gaming fifa says:

Fifa best grafic

Headshot productions says:

I honestly say being experienced both games , pes more in fact, fifa have all licences pes have only a few , pes is better in gameplay, graphics and faces
Fifa has a more smooth gameplay than pes . FIFA has better events pes has events but very less and are really not like real events. But while playing a match in fifa I get bored because it doesn’t have commentary pes have it English, Spanish, French etc. In packs fifa is way more expensive than pes , fifa packs takes more of money and gives very less , while in pes you can buy coins if you want , and everyone can open a pack and chances of getting a good player is more except legends box draw , still they both are good it depends what kind of game you want .

izzy moje says:

Fifa is way cooler

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