FIFA Mobile 19 – 11 Guaranteed TOTW Starter Packs! Full TOTW Squad Gameplay! 87 Eriksen!

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We complete the full TOTW for this week and give you some h2h gameplay to check out how the cards play in game!

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Micko arya putra says:

kontol gua 5x ambil ga dapet elite pisan njing

FIFA movile y mas says:

Hello perfect video

Livio YTB says:

50 viewer

black Tiger says:

Love love your videos

David Akinwole says:

How’d u get so many totw points?


Thanks stopde I like all your videos. Your channel inspired me too make my own fifa channel.

NOTTHELOCK back says:

how to get fifa points?

dudi messi says:

Bro add me on league come on man biggest fan of u

Siddharth Mistry says:

Which kit u have in ur squad

Ismael Romero says:

I got sane 3rd try

Arjun Pant says:


Harsh Verma says:

Why aren’t you running? Why aren’t you running? (New meme bois)

Keethan Mass says:

Bro how does you more than 1000 tote points

Avel Salazar says:

Can i get a like

fallahk says:

the potm points carry over. you can just click the information button at the potm section

Chukwuka Faith says:

How do u get so much totw points pls answer stopde

Benito Camelo de Juarez says:

*This is the FIRST video i see Stopde is coin poor*

Werewolf 394 says:

I pulled 88 ovr kane! TOTW!!!!

Victor's Fitness Channel says:

Who also thinks Stopde looks like Eriksen of Tottenham….

Stopde says:

Come join us live on twitch right now!

Raja Kumar says:

Sick video!

Mohamed Fadzil says:

I wont be able to pull it off even though if i grind the whole day.. how much money must u spend on fifa points to get that whole squad?

Kwame says:

Great job on the vid bro


How do you get all those totw points can some one tell me

stelios gamer5 says:

0:35 song?

Alan Ortiz says:


Bentley Teng says:

Mind If u would not talk before u open the packs. Its gonna delay the obtain players part. Plz do it in ur future vids

Stopde says:

Who do you want in this weeks TOTW?

ChrisYs says:

The weekly reward at 750 points guarantees you a TOTW starter!!!

Killer Bee says:

I pulled 87 ereksen, no money spent.


How his ball was on other colour
Anyone plsss tell me

Raja Kumar says:

Best fifa mobile youtuber

Cheif Wattatui says:


T MH says:

Neymar Jr gameplay ??,and also mix best totw players of both weeks

andri xhixha says:


Android Gaming says:

Stopdeeeeeeeeee nationnnnn what’s uppppppppppp

Gustavo Sanchez says:

I pulled Harry Kane on my second try.

Nafiz Riyad says:

Stopde I took your advice and changed the graphics to low and my game doesn’t lag anymore.
Thank you.

Fardin Alam says:

Fifa spent more time on card design than making the gameplay

ZapModGamer says:

Do the biggest pack opening video!..

S A fifa mobile says:

which snapdragon procecer to play head to head in fifa mobile make a video about this

Daniel Marinho says:

1 a line

Tejaswi Tanwar says:

How the hell your CAM rues have +2 boost when out of position ???????

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