FIFA Mobile 18 FREE TO PLAY EP. 1!! FUNNY Gameplay & Glitches! BEATING Stopde! #1 | FIFA 18 Mobile

FIFA Mobile 18 Free to Play FUNNY Series!! FIFA Mobile vs Stopde!
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FIFA Mobile 18 GAME WINNER in VS Attack!!!

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Thanks to EA Gamechangers for making this video possible (recorded on Season 2 Beta in Vancouver!)

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FIFA Mobile 18 FREE TO PLAY EP. 1!! FUNNY Gameplay & Glitches! BEATING Stopde! #1 | FIFA Mobile 18
FIFA Mobile 18 FREE TO PLAY EP. 1!! FUNNY Gameplay & Glitches! BEATING Stopde! #1 | FIFA Mobile 18
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santiago :v says:

0:30 jajajajaj :v xD

Eden Hazard says:

This is the quality content I subscribed for

Susmithan Chandiran says:

sick vid

G Dobo says:

69 :3

Zayn Malik says:

How Can We Get Our Pre Season Player Which We Claimed….

Hisaias Chilel says:

funny vid bro

Archie Gfx says:

Nice Video

Itz sam says:


Junior Carballo says:

Bgs cuz i send a mesege to your team

Troy Tobin says:


TheClashMaster Pro says:


Simpl3 Vids says:


Craig Chalklen says:

Bro i vs u amd i won like 3-0

Amin Rajawii says:

Name of music used in first

nikhat gahlot says:


Neymar jr says:

EA has added new celebrations to the game -These are very rare in compaign mode I scored a goal in 90th minute to seal the game with Mahrez then he did robotics.Now thats cool.Maybe when icons come out Icons have different celebrations too.Hit the like so that BGS can see.

Barbara Chen says:

I loved how he put Simon Cowell from the 2000s when he was a savage

Blue Flare says:


Sebastian YT0123 says:

That was funny, nice Outro too

The Daily Toppers says:

Join my league Legendary Titans

DieBayern says:

Surprisingly so many people have turned 69 this year

Ellis Kendhammer says:

69 wow
You’re so fucking childish
Omg 69

Ofek Ron says:

very good video but why the fuck did you put so much editing at the start…. thats really weird

NemkezZGaming says:

Can ep 2 be with your voice ?

Craig Chalklen says:

R u from South Africa

nikhat gahlot says:


Jack Huỳnh says:

Exactly the fuck am i just watch



curiousdragon gaming says:

You got a league?

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