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Giuseppe De Martino says:

The same

GTB says:

Frostbite is the worst decision ever for EA

KeOpS 1 says:

Well i will pass it this year … only good thing is the champions league but still … se you next year

Major Spawnkill says:

FIFA18 looks much better

partha jojo says:

19 is very very best ….
Kitna GB Ka game hai 19 ???

LiamDaMasta says:

Fifa 19 looks so much more crisp and improved animations.

cesar saldana says:

Yall dont really see it, but the referees are waaay better now so… worth it

abdallah Nachabe says:

Fifa 19 and 18 are so beautiful

Monza T says:

No deference even the net shape still the same!

Pedro Q says:

fifa 18.2

vennoe says:

Thanks for put FIFA logo on top right corner… So I know exactly which FIFA version is this

Mar S says:

Fifa 18 is better

Marta Diaz says:

Hola as un video del clasico barca real madrid

NoOneImportant says:

Wow, can’t have the players sing their damn national anthems in 19? It’s been the SAME for so many fucking years!!! Same animations as well!
Saw the same shitty default celebrations, ball physics look unreal compared to 18’s, pitch looks weird, buts it’s a demo, I’ll let it slide.

Aidan Murphy says:

On fifa 18 I had this petty problem that when the second the ball crossed the line the score board changed and that annoyed me but they have a slight delay it’s a small but realistic detail

CEO Travels says:

All i have to do is make my screen brighter and I have fifa 19

Jéjé Jérome says:

Aucune différence pour moi je reste sur FIFA 18 cela me suffit pour le moment ont verra plus tard

Mamour Ba says:

the commentary fifa 19 arn’t martin and alan smith

Walter White says:

Fifa 19 looks like pes 18

Fahad Tapan says:

England pushing Belgium…only possible in FIFA :/

The Performance Locker says:

Why are penalties always so bad looking. Harry Kane nearly falling over there.

동자 says:

? 전혀 좋아진게 없네

Tablet Tab 4 says:

Ronaldo salah neymar sind die besten

R'ya Olia says:

Pes beats this game definitely but lack of lisences are annoying

NaciónFUTBOL says:

The illumination on fifa 19 looks way better

Scotty Bee says:

fifa 19 is the same as 18 bring fifa 20 out


fifa 18 is better

Salvador Roa Jr. says:

Oh yay, same boring old and outdated commentary… I prefer PES 2019 demo with no commentary over this

muhammad Dzul hakimie says:

Same old commentary…thats so fucking boringgggg

Aryan thapa says:

Now the grass quality of fifa19 has been degraded to pes and now pes player would buy fifa 19

Hy-x -amp says:

Fifa 17 18 19 does not have any big differences in graphics

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