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dezutd says:

Game play feels worse, sluggish and feel harder to score, sick of fifa already these updates are changing too much they aren’t listing

Anthony Mastrullo says:

How do you know your not playing the CPU now

adrianp05 says:

Honestly, it’s the worst ever. Everything is messed up from shooting (everything is hitting the post or it goes over it), selecting players in the defence and overall lagging. I can’t play it anymore….it’s just ridiculous


I don’t know why they released this stupid update. Game is no longer fun. Players feel sluggish, don’t make runs and the delay is just horrible!! Keep missing chances in front of goal as things just stop working for a second all of a sudden!! Fix the servers EA

The Extreme One says:

Goalkeepers, defending, shooting, dribbling, passing.. All of these are messed up for me, but your tutorals do help, but I’m still having struggle bars. Pray for me.

Diego Rodriguez says:

The game is unplayable now. They definitely did more then what they are saying

A A says:

why are you promoting ‘cheap and safe’ coin sites when you know your subscribers will get banned

Abhinav Sohal says:

*this year the second defender defence is poor(in legacy defending) when i call the second defender it just let the opponent go and score the goal, without intercepting him, this is bad*

deejay tosh says:

one bar meeeeeeeen

Manfredbigo says:

Its horrible, they fucked the game

Fadi M says:

Always 1 red bar…

John Smyth says:

I think they ruined finesse shots outside the box.

I had very few using players that were getting them regularly… also the ai defending seems even more over powered.

TheOfficial Solja says:

Is it just me or has everyone forgotten how to shoot

Inferno Dragon says:

I can’t change formations during game

Eisa Al Hajlah says:

It’s worst update .. shooting is over .. and defense is so deficult .. gameplay after update slower than before

Josh Crawley says:

Given up on Fifa now thanks to the patch! Shame it was so good before but now they have killed the game…

DayNnighT says:

Krasi best

Domasas 10 says:

Is the Ea logo still there when walkout?

Roany Rodriguez says:

I broke a golf club and broke my control, this update is the worst, I came from division 3 to 8. How wtf is that possible

Chellah says:

There’s still a glitch the players won’t change position

Bry ABNV says:

I had my set of sliders on before the patch, after i download it the game was harder a bit more slower could be because the goalkeeper was fixed everyshot had to count. Nice job ea pls continue to tweak the gameplay!

Raul Valles says:


Badea Calin says:

I was 55-15-32 yesterday. Today I am 55-16-43…. I can’t believe how bad this update is

Dionyssus Adhie says:

The server delay is just horrible for me and kinda make me depressed for real. IDK if it’s just me but most times you get a good connection at the start of a match and it could get delay mid match. And it doesn’t stop there, most times you can get varying delay in a match, like you can get 200 ms delay at first and then it becomes better at 100 ms only to become even worse later at 300 ms. That’s all happening in a match, not to mention you can get in the next match but in reverse order. This is so annoying as it makes me disoriented most of the times and when I’m able to adapt to it, it changes again. Most of the time I got a good connection I’m happy with at the start, I was able to score but suddenly when the delay hit I always conceded and of course I would lose the game at the end. I complained about this a lot in 18 and they point at my connection, now if it’s really my connection then why the hell would I be able to get good and smooth connection at odd hours ??? Last year when Divisions was peer-to-peer I never got any delay but only when in DKO and FUT Champs it was horrible and it turns out it’s still horrible this year. Currently I’m really reluctant to play Div Rivals or FUT Champs because no matter what I do it will only lower my skill rating if things don’t change. I only enjoy offline modes like Squad Battle and Seasons for now, something that shouldn’t happen in a mode where all the action is supposed to be happening online with other people……

Ανώνυμος Ανωνυμίου says:

Does it have any difference with the previous version?


Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the latest fifa patch once you get the chance to try it out guys <3 new RTG episode coming up later today

Clanwalk3r says:

Downloaded patch, lost 3 games in a row with 10+ more shots on target than my opponent, lost all 3 games 5-2… This is some fucking bullshit

Christian Ricchetti says:

krasi is the sort of guy to eat his dogs homework

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