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FIFA 19 Career Mode New Features | AWARD CUTSCENES!! | House Rules New Survival/Battle Royale Mode!! –

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The wait is almost over! FIFA 19 releases worldwide on September 28, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Pre-order* now to get incredible offers, including three days early access with the Ultimate and Champions Editions. Plus, give your FIFA Ultimate Team™ squad an early upgrade with special pre-order bonuses and FUT items.


Goku says:

One of the Developers from EA just watched one of Ksi’s videos and just took the idea of battleroyal WOW!

Zeych says:

WOW, the new FIFA 18 looks sooooooo amazing!

Romariques says:

Same lay-out and opening video as 18. C’mon EA, how hard is it to change that? Now it feels like nothing new at all…

Paulo dtn says:

Fifa are the same since 2014,its only about packs the FUT sucks

Luís Costa says:

I am ever so glad that after more than 10 years of playing FIFA I impulse bought PES 2018 on a sale and got the chance to compare both.
Getting PES this year. Gameplay is far better. Player movements are way more realistic, the ball has real weight to it (and it’s the right size btw), wonder goals don’t happen all the time like in FIFA with the crazy scorpion goals and bycicle kicks from 30m, and game strategy actually does matter.
FIFA has become the COD of football games.

Hydrorational says:

Why does Cavani look like Michael Jackson lmao.

crotstunsun says:

wtf with the fps? they play on ps1 or smth?

The Alvino says:

bunch of half wits in the comments saying still looks shit gameplay even though it clearly says it is pre release… for once this fifa will be different with new modes and new licenses, gameplay is gradually improving every year dunno what the doubters are looking for…

MillitoY Football TV says:

PES2019 made RIP Fifa19 that my thought

Bear Bearson says:

1 month and this fast gameplay is patched to shitty slow boring gameplay like EVERY FIFA. Borderline scam showing us this, gameplay won’t even be close in November.

David Seesahaye says:

Every year its the same with EA and i’m disappointed. I thought they would get the ball physics right this year but i was wrong and i will probably stick with PES.

XercustoFR says:

Same menu’s, same scoreboard, same animations, same ugly graphics, PES IT is

Chatterer says:

So bad…unbelievable

M4ST3RP4C3 says:

So…instead of focusing on something like better career mode they waste their time on something like this? Something that some of the buyers will play with for maybe a week and then go back to basics??? EA is ridiculous. What’s really sad a lot of people will still buy this game [probably including me sooner or later] so EA will never change their ways. SAD

danny lolo says:


krzys ja breadfan says:

call of duty bo4 wins

krzys ja breadfan says:

worst shit ewer

Temstxr says:

Yall need to shut up with this “I’m buying pes bullshit”. Half of you will still end up on fifa. If you like pes fine buy it, you like fifa buy it. Stfu and move on. Lord.

Serchenko says:

You can’t be serious EA.. Definitely PES owns the pitch, FIFA is.. another thing..

Videliaste says:

Pes 2019 win.
Ea, not this years 🙂

thuganomic 7 says:

Do you know when they will start sending beta codes or if they’re already sending them?

G G says:

If they added all these new modes they could of at least added a fifa street mode

Multi Enthusiast says:

I already pre ordered pes 2019. Fifa is call of duty.

Ryan Christiansen says:

Looking forward to playing this, cant wait to see more gameplay.Cheers mate!

Samson Manase says:

I’m gonna pass on FIFA 19 , probably not much changed !

FootyManagerTV says:

Captured this FIFA 19 gameplay footage from the FIFA 19 new features reveal stream, hope you enjoy!

SNN7 Guy says:

Gonna buy pes

patrick andreas says:

FIFA 18?

S Good says:

This is just stupid to me I want to see career mode and pro clubs

Michael Jones says:

House rules looks rubbish. I like it with all rules fouls, handball etc

neo templar says:

Really? The fastness. Not even close to real football.

Damian Pes says:


The Flash15 says:

Why are the players running so fast ⚡

Gamer Adhu says:

still there is near post header glitch is there,..stupid fifa19 again hhhh

Steffen Schürger says:

First goal……offside….passive but definitiv offside. Two Juve players were direct in front of the goalkeeper

lukas_l21 says:

Why this Game look so unrealistic??? Answer EA !

Zack says:

all these cr7 dicksuckers lol

Dabrwil says:

Passing FIFA for the time, I should of known they been the same since 2010. Tried PES 18 for the time and already loved it. Gameplay all that matters!

Alberto Rosales says:

Wow I thought the player that scores goes off, not that fun tbh, and I wished it was 5 on 5 in a street football sense

Gamer Adhu says:

is this gameplay or overrated marketing for dolphin ronaldo? lmao suuuhhhhh

palafoxinated says:

I can’t believe they haven’t put like a street mode

Match Center says:

omg are you serious fifa theres literally nothing new to this game than the modes same bullshit graphics and i bet the goalie still keeps a year to kick out the ball in pro clubs

Emotional Trance says:


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