FIFA 19 Gameplay – This Time It’s Personal

We’ve got our mitts on FIFA 19 early – but why should we have all the fun? Watch as Rob and Nath see what the latest edition has to offer, whilst probably arguing quite a lot. Sounds like fun, right?

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gordon thomas says:

I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and say that announcing, “I’m going to murder you” to your target is a poor murder strat

otterpoet says:

Nath was Robbed! (Thanks, guys… great way to start the week).

Natsu FBreather says:

I wish i was a bit into football/soccer. This looks pretty fun.

Sam Hobbs says:

No!!! Where is MJ Sakahuchi

Alejandro Sosa says:

Thanks for making football videos i assume a pes vs fifa video will be out soon. How about Master League?

Shitzel says:

lol where is cyberpunk 2020? COuld have streamed for longer than 1 hour dont bother next time if its 1 hour plus who cares about a table top game when this is PLAYSTATION

Stephen Schuster says:

Need to see Rob rage before I like.

Hazzer says:

Great stream guys ❤️

alexkid1 says:


Anindya Sundar Dhar says:

why don’t we get fifa early

Sir Galahad says:

*Hooray 15 European nations are uniting agaisnt lootboxes!*

Avg Gamer says:

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

Logan Palmer says:

I’ve recently gotten into football (or “soccer” as we call it) by following MLS this year. I may have to pick this up so I can play as the Seattle Sounders getting destroyed by probably half the clubs in Europe.

XPKING says:

Yes!!! Great footage and video overall lads

Shay G says:

NOOOOO how can you play on alternate

Chey H - Kaduako says:


Moyes02 says:

Just Waiting on the next cyberpunk episode…

Dillan howard says:

You guys are the greatest 🙂

Miltiade De Grand says:

FIFA 18 or FIFA 19 ?

Oliver Bath says:

‘Episode 4 is hitting right after this stream’. LIES!

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