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CR 10 says:

I feel this year the gameplay is pure chaos. How can a player like KDB miss a 2m pass, and deliver it to the opponent?! If the game wants to be realistic, then they should make it that so. And I don’t know if someone noticed it but there is a bug in the tactics, because even if I set the pressure to max level an constant pressure option my team is sitting and watching the opponent scoring or playin tiki taka. And of course the AI blocks are stupid… the corner bycle kick is broken… and I really feel that pace doesn’t matter anymore this year… if a player like Zaha, with 93 pace is caught by a defender with 67 pace or under… where is the point?! You cand no longer make any 1-2 and run into space because… EA… trash 19 🙁

Musab Celil says:

The biggest two fixes in my opinion is the first touch and the goalkeeper defense.

First touch: Players who have high composure and balance stats should be able to do a good first touch. Instead you see players cannot do a good first touch. Balls are bouncing of their shin into the feet of the players of oponnents.

Goalkeeper defense: With this I mean that the keeper regularly punches the ball away and 90% of the time the ball is punched into the feet of the players of the opponent. Regularly when my opponent does a cross, I am thinking ‘the keeper is gonna catch it’. Instead they punch it away while they could easily catch it.

MrFraniol says:

In my opinion things to fix are:
– AI defending – sometimes absolutely automatic
– passing – sometimes looks like power bar doesn’t exist, always slow and sluggish
– ping pong and random first touches – it has too much impact on game, many times I conceded goals after totally random situation

Dimitris mikro says:

Pes it is also broken

RayR9 says:

Overhead Kicks used to be a technical mastery shot that very skilled players could pull off.

Not anymore… gks instead of punching the ball during corners, gks are doing overhead kicks to clear it.

The Shooting has been nerfed to a point it has now become Random. The only shot that works and is broken…is finesse.

Lace shot, timed shot, flair shot, driven shot, all useless. No 1 does it and never do they go in.

Lastly, it is and has always been… Ping Pong and Ultimate Team has always been this way.

The pace of the game, is unrealistic.
The way people play the game is anti football – and i know why, its due to the flawed mechanics and super fast game play.

Shielding was introduced in 17, overpowered in 18, barely exists in 19.

Driven shot was introduced in 17, overpowered in 18, nerfed in 19

AI – Retarded in 17, got it right in 18, now overpowered in 19.

Whoever the people are behind the creation of this game, clearly dont watch the sport.

Sash Gorgioski says:

Fix the 30 pace players catching the 90

RayR9 says:

and what the fuck is up with goal kicks? cannot see who u are kicking it to.

Worst fifa ever made.

otboakye says:

The main fuck up is changing the low driven shot. Why does EA fuck up something so good already. Sometimes it feels like they just try too much

Billy Dog says:

This is a joke this game has been out for most of us a few days and it being patched come on this sort of stuff must be sorted before it was released. or have I missed something?

Marcaca says:

I hope they don’t fix the things you want to be fixed. I love the game so far. Last year they changed way to much and in the end the game was total shit. I hope this year ea stays strong and don’t listen to all the crying.

dannydaintree says:

fifa 18 gameplay was fun, responsive and quick – the gameplay in fifa 19 feels all over the place, out of touch, and nothing i do with the controller translates to the pitch

Steffen Å says:

When accelarating with the ball and the defender is close they always get the ball! they always get an insane speed boost and almost jumps infront/beside you and easily outmuscles you. In real life football the man with the ball is usually at an advantage. To cut in front of the opponent is so effective in real life but impossible in this fifa. I feel fifa 18 is more realistic so far.
And what about the crazy touches when you start sprinting with the ball? Players like messi and neymar keeps it close in real life when sprinting but nudges if forward atleast 5 meters when accelerating.

Leo Loiero says:

I don’t think the issue is getting in behind defender , its maintaining that position. What I mean by this is, yes pace still matters to complete the through ball in behind the defenders, however from there the defenders then catch back up to the attacking player unrealistically.

If CR7 is played in and has a 2 stride head start on any CB, that CB should not then be able to catch up to CR7 within 10-20 yards, just would never happen. So what this creates is a situation where the attacking player must stop and turn and look for another option in order to complete a chance on goal. Silly.

In addition, it has created a play style where users use high pressure and all out attack, because there is no real threat of a proper counter attack.

I said it before and Ill say it again, I prefer the current set up over FIFA 18 where pace was too powerful, however there should be a solution somewhere in the middle. A slight adjustment of 10-15% in favour of pace, I think, is needed.

Legend Killer says:

This fifa is so garbage timed shooting is an absolute joke it is easier to score a bicycle kick than 1v1 players missing the most obvious goals sending it to space . They need to bring back classic shooting and fix the L2 shots the player shoots a side foot shit shot almost every time. The defenders are like gods do you even need a goalie this fifa? The defender will just kick the ball right off the line or block the most impossible shot .

Like if they should bring back classic shooting from Fifa 18 we can achieve something here we are the Fifa community .

Jonesy -LFC- says:

I have played over 100 games on fifa 19 and think it is the worst fifa I have played,
The shooting is terrible, I am never fully confident a shot will be a goal one moment I will finesse into the top corner then if I do the exact same shot it will be nowhere near the goal. Timed finishing also seems like a gimmick and doesn’t have the reward for the amount of risk it has. Also one on one with the keeper I don’t know if it is going to be placed into the bottom corner or just go wide shooting needs fixed.

Crossing is completely op I am finding myself conceding a goal from crosses every game with insigne or modric out jumping van dijk or vertonghen this needs fixed

Corners as u have already said are a complete joke every corner I feel as know I am going to concede I feel safer my opponent getting a penalty than a corner in this fifa

I am all for the game not being just about speed but when sterling with 95 pace is through on goal he shouldn’t be getting caught by a cb with 60 pace, yes I understand if they are shoulder to shoulder he should be out muscled but not when he is 10 yards ahead of the cb. This also makes skill moves feel irrelevant as I could beat a player with a skill move just for him to catch up to me straight away it just seems wrong.

These are just some of the issues with the game and aren’t just being said because I’m bad at the game as I have a decent record and in gold one in fut champs I just don’t find it fun at the minute

Steffen Å says:

defending takes no skill at all. AI does so much for you and the all you need to do is know what buttons to use. By containing and holding L2 you have done your job. AI helps you with the rest. Gameplay is so broken, a huge patch is needed.

joe bro says:

Does anybody know why it still says platinum double on seasons but never ever put it actually on the game, just confused because the last 5 FIFA’s it says platinum double but you can’t play it???

Rayed Almoarfi says:

I hope they patching the passing because some times when you passing the ball to palyer its just go to another player and area

Steffen Å says:

No thing such as skillgap in this game. I’ve always been a good fifa player with good win to loss ratio but now i currently have more losses than wins despite dominating every game

Jamie Parker says:

Anyone have any tips for better first touches ?! Player turns so slowly after recieving a pass can’t get my head around it any tips from anyone would be great.

Arfan Jr says:

Do a video on improvement suggestion for proclubs because it has been the same for years

Billy McDowall says:

Im glad they nerfed pace fifa 18 was full of tryhards using the same teams. Pace made players like van basten unusable

EVO-McPOT says:

About the ping pong I said the same some times it feels more like I’m playing pinball than football.. at least 90% of my power shots end up at side foot shots

Nigel Jones says:

There’s only 4 save slots for career mode.!!!! How stupid is needs to be fixed

Mrchumm says:

Fix passing interceptions &’ how my 90+ acceleration players get caught so easily and because he’s fast once he gets caught to he gets bullied easily … this game is not got at the moment

Nej The Plug says:

The difference in pace is perfect at the moment

Claudio Fernandez says:

The patch is one joke. Ea sports bad very bad! I loved gameplay before the patch. Fifa return to fifa 18

Black White says:

does the fifa19 demo also get the patch?

rugby86 says:

Now the stuttering noise whenever the crowd chants in-game, it’s quite annoying. It seems the patch hasn’t gone through some level of in depth testing before being put out for the public who’ve bought the game.

Simon Ward says:

defending was great and then they fucked it again

Ian Melia says:

Goal keepers standing still watching ball rolling on into keeper actually let the ball rolling on top of his head into net.the game play is generally flawed.super pumped up defenders on steroids running so fast it’s unreal.tackling is so random.some games it’s great.other games my team seem to be running round in squarcles it’s just so broken I’ll definitely not be buying fifa20 you cannot polish a turd.

IAMWeever says:

Goalkeepers need fixing so buggy!
Passing needs to be fixed and totally agree with the ping pong. The defenders can also get the ball in such stupid ways

Stelios ToT says:

Why isnt anybody complaining about the constant rebounds favoring the person with the worse team

Orange CRUSH says:

Only arcade sweaty players want the patches to make speed overpowered! This game is the best it’s ever been so I hope they don’t muck it up by making it a long pong speed contest like last year! It feels more controlled and players have to actually build up rather thAn dribble in every time! Good job EA!!!

Richard Joyce says:

Broken stuff that needs to be fixed:

1: Near post corners.
2: Back post crosses where your fullbacks fail to even mark players and let 5’6” players win air balls.
3: The timed finished while not sprinting can result in a random early side foot shot.
4: Block shots are a joke and need to be nerfed if players don’t have good positioning to block shots they shouldn’t pick out powerful shots with their toes.
5: Players with very low defending stat’s like forwards intercepting passes while sprinting to close you down.
6: The deflections and rebounds happen all the time and it’s random where the ball ends up, I concede so many goals to the ball bouncing around in the box.

Oscar Rodriguez says:

This is the first time I’ve had a hard time with FIFA. Playing squad battles vs Ai in legendary mode and I’ve only won like 2 games out of like 50. How’s that possible. It’s soo hard to score and get the ball back. I’ve watched so many videos and still have a hard time recovering the ball and scoring. Sometimes I’ll be winning and working a minute they’ll score and from there they keep scoring. Sooo annoying!

aqple says:

nerf AI defending and I’ll be happy. and yes i know there’s ways around it, but let’s be real. why play when the AI is doing a lot for you? and it forces boring gameplay

Bruno Alves says:

The offside system is a robbery fix that shit

Framerate Hq says:

The game is doo doo.

þrophecy says:

I’ve played for 10+ years and div 1 seasons player. I hated fifa 19 at first playing against the AI, they instantly tackle you no matter what you do, very frustrating. After that I started playing online seasons and had a lot of funny moments, mostly because the game is so broken. Every game is average 7 goals, counter attack after counter attack with defenders never in position, ball ping-ponging between each other, failed 10 yard short passes by world class players, attacking support players just strolling around not making runs… it’s hilarious. It’s definitely not a football game at this moment.

Muhammed Bayo says:

Man fifa is turning into trash. It’s just a game based on momentum which is unfair. Sometimes you will want to absorb pressure with great defending to wear opponents out so you can go for that delicate counterattack but as u try that u notice your supporting runners are almost unresponsive, don’t make the right runs and that’s very frustrating for a so called simulation game. Lucky PES doesn’t have these team licenses. OVVY HELPP

Rafli Alfi Fauzan says:

Anyone missing the career save after this update? I’ve missing my career save after this update..

Jason Donohue says:

Broken game it’s like ping pong every year games are flawed old bald fools create these games is why see Kurt the truth at end you see.

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